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Our 6-Step Lawn Care Service To Keep Your Property Looking Its Best!

Want a beautiful lawn but don't want to spend your weekends hauling fertilizer bags and slogging behind a spreader? Let Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping take care of it for you. Our fertilization and weed control service will keep your lawn green, lush, and healthy. Your job is simply to enjoy it. Let us take care of treating your yard with fertilizer and weed control by using our 6-step lawn care service.

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Pre-Emergent for Broadleaf Weeds - We start the process of optimizing your lawn's health by eliminating weeds before you can even see them.

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Weed & Feed - Using a combination of weed deterrent and turf nourishment, we target crabgrass and dandelions with this application. Every yard is different, which is why it takes an expert to figure out the right combination for your property.

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Grub Control - Specifically targeting beetle larvae, this treatment prevents those unsightly end-of-summer brown patches on your grass.

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Early Summer Fertilizer - At this stage, we apply an organic fertilizer to help nourish your lawn throughout the summer. You will find that your thicker lawn is more resistant to extreme weather.

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Early Fall Fertilizer - Summer can be brutal on grass, so an early fall treatment helps rejuvenate weather-stricken grass for a rich-looking autumn lawn.

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Late Fall Fertilizer - Fertilizing in November helps keep your lawn healthy during the dormant winter months. It will also come back looking terrific in the spring. Don't miss this critical winterization treatment!

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