5 Ideas to Update Your Dutchess County, NY Driveway

update driveway in wappingers falls, ny home

There seems to be hundreds of choices to create the perfect driveway for your Dutchess County home. And while it may be easier to just stick with the plain 'old asphalt, don't! Stand apart. The biggest upside to venturing past a traditional or plain driveway? The value to which it adds to your home and the pride of knowing it looks exponentially better. Steering well away from the plain driveways of old, here are fantastic examples of driveways that will suit most situations.

Concrete Pavers

These are quite durable, come in a wide variety of colors and shapes, and have wonderful aesthetic appeal. Due to their durability, they require little maintenance or cleaning, and last years with scarcely visible wear. Another factor of brick pavers is the texture, which skid resistant, and slip resistant when wet. They also have a relatively high curb appeal, as they look great for long periods of time.

Unilock paver driveway in ny

Decorative Gravel and Concrete Pavers

Gravel is well known to be an inexpensive material, laid incredibly quickly and can come in many fabulous colors and sizes. Alone, it's not the most appealing solution. Combined with concrete pavers, you have an incredibly gorgeous, welcoming entrance. and since there are plenty of styling options in gravel and pavers - there is a perfect combination to complement your home. Plus, gravel is a permeable material, meaning if it is installed properly, rainwater will be able to seep directly into the dirt, replenishing groundwater. Want to upgrade the gravel? Go with crushed rock. It's usually made from granite, but can be made from just about any type of rock. Also an inexpensive material, it is much finer than gravel, allowing for a smoother surface.

Embrace the cobblestones trend.

A cobblestone driveway can be made with either stones or pavers, each adding their own flair to your landscape. As with any option for your driveway, you want to make sure the driveway complements your home's style. In other words, from the landscaping (plants, trees) to the architecture of your home, as well as the overall look and feel, your driveway should work well, in terms of design/style, with the rest of your home. Not sure if a cobblestone will look great with your home? Ask us for design advice!

Tumbled bluestone pavers

Tumbled bluestone pavers are an incredibly sturdy material and look great with well thought out naturalistic plantings on either side of the driveway. Since they're bluestone, they come with a natural variety in the pavers. The best part? They're less susceptible to the elements and have a greater lifespan (when compared to asphalt or poured concrete).

Get a little crazy with borders, an apron, and integrate the walkways

Using any of the abovementioned materials, create a more subtle update with a driveway apron or a border around the entire space. Don't forget to integrate the walkway to the front door from your driveway by using patterns and plantings.

Image: Unilock