Achieve Aesthetic Yet Functional Landscape Lighting for Your Putnam, NY, Outdoor Space

If you love driving through neighborhoods and admiring homes, have you ever done it at night? There is something truly special about a nighttime landscape illuminated by lights. If you want to achieve an aesthetic yet functional landscape lighting scheme for your Putnam, NY, property, here are some ideas for you.

Functional Aspects of Lighting

Achieve Aesthetic Yet Functional Landscape Lighting for Your Putnam, NY, Outdoor Space

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of landscape lighting is the extended use of your outdoor living space. Most people end up going inside, even on a gorgeous night, when they can’t see in the yard after dark. With landscape lights, both spotlights and low-level lights, the time that you can use your yard is extended for as long as you like.

Another benefit is increased safety. When friends and family visit after dark, landscape lighting significantly decreases the possibility of tripping over a crack in the sidewalk or stumbling on a step. This is especially true for young and older visitors. In addition, when you arrive home after dark, particularly alone, having landscape lights to illuminate your entry to your home can bring a true sense of calm and security.

Your safety is further increased by deterring would-be intruders. While lighting isn’t a failsafe against thieves, they are more likely to avoid a well-lit house than one that looks dark and unattended. This means that you can feel more secure coming and going and enjoying your outdoor living space once the sun has set.

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Aesthetic Aspects of Lighting

There are most likely parts of your landscape that are pretty in the daylight, but could be truly dazzling at night with landscape lights. Spotlighting a majestic tree, or a water feature, or a stone wall can transform those features after dark.

You can also create a mood with strategic placement of lights. Bolder lighting can illuminate porches and entryways, while soft lights give depth to trees and guide the way on paths. Relaxing on a patio is even more special when a nearby privacy wall has uplights and the trees are draped with twinkle lights.

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Improved Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting can have an effect on your property’s value. Most real estate professionals will tell you that a landscape that is thoughtfully enhanced by a combination of lights adds real value. Buyers tend to gravitate to the homes that look like they are well cared for in tasteful ways. Lighting shows that you have made an investment in your landscape. It’s an investment in turning your pretty outdoors into an outstanding place when the sun goes down. Moreover, some buyers have ranked outdoor lighting as a high priority when house shopping.

How a Professional Can Help

A landscape expert can help you assess your property for coming up with the perfect lighting system that will enhance eye-catching details and focal points. They can design and install the landscape lighting scheme to bring your property to life at night, as well as minimize areas for potential problems from lack of light. You’ll be able to find your way around your landscape—any hour of the day—and fully enjoy it with a professionally installed landscape lighting system.