Deer Proof Your Plants

Deer in the garden? Deer Proof New and Existing Plantings!

Tree Guard Deer proof spray works at Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping. This deer was caught on camera passing up a meal of daylily at our office!

There are approximately 1 million deer in New York State. An adult deer can eat 4-10 pounds of vegetation per day! Deer are creatures of habit and once they establish your yard as a good food source, they will return until the food supply is gone!

To discourage deer from feeding on shrubs and flowers Lehigh offers a deer repellent spray application. The liquid repellent works by being sprayed upon your plant material making it taste bad, and it contains a detection agent to let deer know that the plant is treated. Deer or rabbits will either smell or taste your plantings and will opt for less offensive food in another area. The coating is creates a clear sheen and resists wash off from rain or snow. The application is NON OXIC to both plants and animals.

Tree Guard Deer Proofing new and existing plantings is extremely important in areas of where deer traffic is high! Follow these simple suggestions to limit deer damage to shrubs and flowers:

Where: Lehigh will apply deer proof spray on all your new and existing shrubs and flowers in planting beds on your property!

How Often: Applications can be made in Spring, Summer and Fall depending upon your particular degree of deer traffic. With a strong recommendation to apply in Fall due to the impending winter snow which is likely to cover most of the deer’s food source at ground level making your plant material the next best thing for deer to eat.

Weather: During times of drought deer tend to eat more shrubs and trees rather than dried up grass!
Remember…depending on the size of the deer herd, the severity of winter, and the availability of food, hungry deer will eat anything; repellents or not!

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