Do You Have An Old Stoop?

Do You Have An Old Stoop In Need Of Replacement?

The entry to your home is the focal point of your entire landscape. It is the place where family, friends, co-workers and others come to enter your home.


A dilapidated front entry area not only creates the worst visual impression for a landscape, and can be a danger to those entering your home. In New York we have constant heaving and settling occurring seasonally below the surface of our structures. This can wreck havoc upon a front stoop that is not set upon a proper base.

Many solid-formed concrete stoops will crack and shift under these circumstances as well. Let the expert masons at Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. renovate that old, dangerous stoop you've been meaning to rectify.


It will not only become an enhanced part of your curb appeal, but last for years to come. We have nearly limitless options for your stoop from stone veneers, to complete stoop replacement from the base up. Our wall and paver selection will delight you and beautify your entry in ways you never dreamed possible!