Drainage Issues?

Drainage issues at your property can be a frustrating and reoccurring problem that can cause a number of problems in your landscape and home. Issues resulting from excessive standing water can range from causing a detrimental effect upon your existing landscape plants to causing large areas of dying lawn, to problems inside your residence such as a basement full of water. Pooling water can also create an eyesore that is unattractive and detracts from your property’s appeal and market value. In addition to that, standing water can also pose a potential health threat because it provides an ideal environment for mosquitoes to dwell and breed in.Landscapes can suffer from drainage problems for a number of reasons, areas of poor drainage near houses or other structures can be especially troubling. The first step to solving a flooding problem is to identify that a problem exists and how to proceed to correctly remedy the issue. Some drainage problems are easy to identify, such as standing water in your yard or areas that stay muddy or boggy many days after a heavy rain. Standing water and areas that stay wet several days after rainfall are a good signifier that you have a drainage problem. Remember water runoff finds the path of least resistance and flows down the steepest part of a slope. If the slope causing the problem spans a large area it may need to be graded to slope away from your drainage issue or foundation. This process often involves skimming off soil and or grading the area till it is sloping away or adding soil if this is simply a low spot. In some cases grading the area may not be a viable solution. In this case another solution is to install a French drain. This drainage feature consists of a gravel-filled trench that catches water with a perforated PVC pipe at the bottom to slow and redistribute the water. A French drain can be placed underneath a roof's drip line, in low areas or perpendicular on a slope, or directly along the foundation to catch runoff from the landscape. Call Lehigh lawns & Landscaping Inc for diagnosis, remedy and beautification. We can not only solve your drainage issue, but make it a process that will result in the enhancement of your property and landscape.