Eliminate Weeds from Your Hopewell Junction, NY, Yard with Professional Weed Control

Once they get going, weeds can quickly take over lawns in Hopewell Junction, NY. Not only do weeds hinder an otherwise neat expanse of a lawn but they also decrease the quality of soil and health of nearby plants and grass. That’s why weed control is essential for a healthy looking backyard.

Weeds’ Negative Impacts

Unlike more desirable vegetation that can offer food, beauty, and even medicinal properties, weeds don’t offer value to humans or our lawns and gardens. In fact, they can decrease it.

Weeds take up water, nutrients, sunlight, and space that you’d rather have going toward well-maintained flowers, fruits, veggies, and grass. Some weeds spread quickly by leaving seeds and are fast-growing plants in general. The faster they grow without someone stopping them, the more sunlight they could take from more desirable plantings.

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Indeed, weeds can create a non-beneficial climate for other plants, preventing them from getting what they need for healthy, prosperous growth. They may consume the nutrients in the soil, leaving very little to their neighbors. Not to mention the water they soak up that could leave little left over for your flowers and grass.  

While weeds thrive in your backyard, other planting could be missing out on nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, ingredients found in fertilizer that hastens growth and leads to strong roots. Without these, they can become more vulnerable to diseases, insects, the elements, and more weeds.

Eliminate Weeds from Your Hopewell Junction, NY, Yard with Professional Weed Control  

The Persistence of Weeds

No matter how many times homeowners try to pull out weeds themselves, the persistent seedlings find their way back. Common reasons for the existence of weeds include:

  • Wind or birds brought seeds into your backyard
  • The roots of weeds weren’t completely removed
  • The lawn isn’t dense enough or has bare spots so the weeds have plenty of space to spread  
  • Herbicides haven’t been applied evenly

Weed Control

Fertilization will boost the growth and health of your lawn, and regular maintenance will prevent weeds from making their pesky appearance. With a full, heavy lawn made of grass cut at an ideal length, weeds won’t have as much as a chance to germinate. Lawn fertilization strengthens the roots of the grass so that the grass can absorb the water needed for growth and health.

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But fertilization isn’t the only answer. Overseeding, aeration, and regular lawn care—all of them play a significant role in making your lawn healthy, which aids winning the battle over weeds. Landscape professionals can further minimize weed growth by seeing which types of weeds you have and applying the appropriate elimination techniques that will prevent those specific weeds from returning.

Weed Control and Fertilization Services

A proper fertilization program saves homeowners from the frustration of trying to rid their lawns of weeds themselves. It’ll make the lawn more appealing to look at and improve your property’s overall value. Leigh Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. covers numerous lawn care and maintenance services to keep the weeds at bay and give you a healthy, enjoyable lawn.