Essential Landscaping Services and Why You Need Them

Landscaping services can remove a lot of the frustration that comes with owning and maintaining a backyard. Having a professional catering to your yard’s needs not only frees up a lot of time from your schedule, but also ensures that your lawn, plants and features are kept looking their absolute best. This guide outlines some of the basic landscaping services and how they are important for your particular landscape.

Design and Build

A primary service offered by landscaping companies is aiding in the designing of a landscape. They can help you identify requirements for your yard and recommend features and layouts that make the best use of the available space. Having a professional design your landscape ensures that all features are connected, electrical and gas utilities are taken into consideration, and different nuances specific to your yard are noted during the design process. The result is a tailor made design that caters to your specific requirements and individual yard.

Complementing this, landscaping firms also offer construction services for new hardscaping features. Mainstream tasks like creating patios, walkways, and walls may seem simple enough, but a long-lasting patio or walkway requires a lot of specialized knowledge and attention to detail - especially when it comes to installing the base. Having a professional do the job can not only save you time but also money, as they use tricks of the trade to cut down on the amount of materials you’ll have to use.

Irrigation and Drainage

Next we consider more practical jobs like irrigation services. A landscaper, with their specialized knowledge of the water requirements of plants, local groundwater, climate, and soil structure, can cater to your yard in the ideal way. Not only can they identify and optimize the water usage but can also install irrigation systems that best suit your yard. In case of areas with high precipitation, storm control and proper drainage is highly important, especially when it comes to erosion caused by surface water runoff.


Essential Landscaping Services and Why You Need Them in Putnam County NY

Installing and organizing plants is a vital component of the design phase which is followed by making beds for flowers and shrubs, and planting them. Planting trees and creating hedges requires more work, especially if your design integrates complex shapes for the hedges. Grass planting is also a popular service, with your landscaper recommending the ideal grass type to meet your requirements, as well as one that is suitable for your type of lawn.

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Once installation has been completed, we come to the task of maintaining the greenery. This can range from basic tasks like mowing the lawn and maintaining the hedges, to more complex jobs like relocating large plants and integrating terraces into the structure. Having a professional carrying out these duties can greatly increase the durability of your yard’s features while also identifying and proactively resolving issues such as termites and plant diseases. Our landscape professionals can also carry out fertilization programs depending on your yard’s requirements, to ensure your plants remain healthy.

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