Getting the Best Commercial Snow and Ice Contract in the Hudson Valley

commercial snow management company in dutchess county, ny

Make the most of winters in the beautiful Hudson Valley by enjoying its natural beauty, rather than letting snow and ice disrupt daily activity on your commercial property. And this beauty starts with ensuring safety all winter long by getting the best commercial snow and ice contract, tailored to your needs!

So where do you start? We're here to help! Choose a reputable commercial snow removal company by discussing these four “W’s" - along with a clear pricing schedule, of course.


Discuss with your snow removal professional who exactly will be responsible when services are warranted. Some companies hire subcontractors when assistance is needed. Choose a snow management company that unless it's extreme weather (once in a decade kind of thing), uses only employees to manage your commercial property. So make sure you are specific about who will be performing the work and whether they are experienced, dependable, and properly insured.


Leave no base uncovered when getting a commercial snow and ice contract. Our NY winter storms can be unpredictable and often dump more snow on a property than is expected. Your contract should outline which party is responsible for what and under which specific conditions. For instance, will your commercial snow removal professional automatically service your property when a snowstorm hits, or is it your job to call them first? How much ice buildup must accumulate before the area is deemed “hazardous,” making deicing necessary? Make sure you get clarity on what exactly your professional is responsible for under all possible circumstances.


Speak with your snow and ice removal professional and come to an agreement about when services will be performed. Most commercial contracts in NY will designate work to be done once a certain number of inches of snow or ice has accumulated; others will stipulate an “as required” basis. Ensure both parties are clear about when services should be initiated to avoid future miscommunications.


A commercial snow and ice removal contract is no use if it doesn’t cover the correct parts of your property. Be specific about which areas should be salted, plowed, snow blown, and shoveled. Show a diagram of the space to your professional to guarantee you both know where all snow and ice removal services will be directed.

Pricing & Liability Coverage

Many snow removal companies will charge on a “per event” basis. Basic plowing prices are determined according to the total area to be covered and snow accumulation. Additional services, such as salting, sanding, and shoveling, are often offered and whether or not they're extra, depends on your contract Get the best commercial snow and ice removal contract for your NY property by establishing an estimated fee, in writing, for a single general or complete snow removal. Know, too, what qualifies as a “major storm,” as companies usually tack on a surcharge for handling such events. Finally, your professional should provide adequate proof of liability insurance coverage, which will hold them accountable for any damages incurred to your property during snow and ice removal work.

Getting the best commercial snow and ice removal contract in NY is a simple, straightforward process, provided you know what to watch out for. Keep your property snow, ice, and injury-free this winter using these suggestions. And of course, you can always call us to help with managing snow on your commercial property