Go Beyond the Grill in the Outdoor Kitchen

Backyard barbecues have been a fun family tradition for decades, but the newest trend for outdoor spaces is a fully functional kitchen. Rather than relying on a simple grill to create outdoor dinners, why not go a step further and add a brick oven, smoker, wine cooler, or a wet bar?

When building an outdoor kitchen at your Dutchess County home, it is as much about beauty as function. Outdoor kitchens offer endless options and can be quite ornate with stone or brick components. They can have all the amenities of a normal kitchen so that when you are dining al fresco you will never need to go indoors for anything.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you design a new outdoor kitchen that goes beyond the basic grill.

Design your layout

When you begin the process of planning for your kitchen make a list of all the must have items for your situation. Some items to think about are wine coolers, sink, smoker, gas cooktop, or a bar. Put serious thought into how your space will be most used and this will help guide you towards what you want to add. If you live in a warm climate where an outdoor kitchen will be used more, then you may want to add more amenities. However, if you don’t plan on entertaining but want the kitchen for you own personal use, this could mean less need for big appliances. Related: Patio Design Essentials.

Consider your budget

Before you start planning for any part of your outdoor kitchen you must first know what your budget limitations are. Once you have a solid budget in place you can prioritize your needs versus wants. It is a good idea to make a list into two sections that way you will make sure you get exactly what you want. Can we recommend a sink on every needs list?

For the chilly nights

Make it easy to enjoy your outdoor kitchen throughout the year. A great idea is to add a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace to your kitchen area so that even on those chilly nights you can use your outdoor space. If you are true chef at heart, consider some patio heaters nearby!

Leave it to the professionals

Before beginning a large project like an outdoor kitchen, it is a good idea to consult a licensed contractor. These professionals can help you get the most out of your budget. They will help you figure out how you want to wire and plumb your outdoor kitchen. It is important that they help you position your outdoor kitchen in a way that provides easy access and convenience. If you choose a cook top they will be there to ensure it is vented properly and also help wire lighting safely. Best of all, professionals can help you design built in options to add extra beauty to a functional outdoor cooking area.

The options for an outdoor kitchen are endless! However, when done correctly outdoor kitchens can provide hours of entertainment. When you start the planning process for your dream outdoor kitchen take your time and start with a realistic budget that allows for unexpected expenses. Do your research and make sure to consult a professional so that your kitchen is beautiful, safe, and lasts for many years to come.

Image: Unilock