How Irrigation Requirements for your Lagrangeville Landscape Change in Fall and Winter

Sometime between the cooling days of September and the frosts of November, the irrigation needs of your landscape will change. This system is one area of your landscape that will incur irrevocable damage without intervention prior to winter. A landscaping professional has the knowledge and experience to adjust your irrigation system to tend to the changing needs of fall and winter for your property in Lagrangeville, NY.

Prepare Sprinkler System

How Irrigation Requirements for your Landscape Change in Fall and Winter in Lagrangeville, NY

The sprinkler system which is so greatly responsible for your beautiful grass and plantings must be serviced before winter. Professional landscaping services offer to do all that’s required for a fully protected system. This procedure boils down, at its most basic, to removing all water from within the system and protecting vulnerable pieces from the ravages of wintertime weather.

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Make sure that you have this process addressed before the first freeze of the season. Failing to do so could result in pipes bursting due to frozen water within the lines. Spend a little now to maintain your irrigation system to prevent spending a great deal more repairing or replacing your irrigation system damaged by issues that could have been prevented.

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Prepare for Snowfall

Snow in our area is practically unavoidable during the winter, and preparing for it within your irrigation system is essential. Snow is actually beneficial to your landscape in a variety of ways. First, it offers a layer of insulation for your grass and plantings, protecting it from the throes of winter. However, the potential damage to your irrigation system is real.

Second, snow provides a water source during the spring for sustained growth of your plantings, allowing you to see to a spring inspection of your irrigation system without concern about plant death before you get a chance. Instead of throwing salt into your yard to melt snow throughout the winter, which can be highly damaging to your plantings, monitor the snow level, shovel as needed, and pay close attention to safety and mobility issues. Lehigh Landscaping experts can safely remove snow as needed without damaging your hardscapes or softscapes.

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Watering in the Winter

Without a sprinkler system, you might believe that foregoing watering plantings is wise. However, for plants that are newly planted or when snow doesn’t melt for long period of time, roots can, surprisingly, become dry and weak without watering. This watering will have to be manually applied since the watering system is in protection mode. Knowing the method, frequency, and precautions to consider when watering during the winter can be tricky and is best left to professionals. The risks include too little water as well as drowning and rotting the roots by allowing them to remain wet for too long.

A landscape professional is your best option for fully appropriate water treatment during the winter months. From the irrigation system to accumulating snowfall, allow a Lehigh landscaping professional to assist with properly addressing winter landscaping concerns and protect your property from avoidable damage.

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