Landscaping Tips to Make the Whole Family Happy

landscaping tips for family in wappingers falls and lagrangeville ny area

Landscaping for an entire family can be tricky: how do you create a fun, safe backyard for kids without sacrificing aesthetics nor that spot in your yard you’ve sectioned off for a new wet bar? From jungle-like play structures to elegant pool areas, the landscaping options for a wide age range are nearly endless. Still, there are plenty of backyard features the whole family can enjoy together, as well as strategic ways to designate kid and adult zones while maintaining safety, functionality, and design continuity. With conscientious planning, it’s possible to use landscaping to make the whole family happy.

Plant a Home Garden

A backyard garden is an excellent way to appease curious kids and horticulture-loving adults alike. Educate your children about fresh, healthy, and organic vegetables with edible landscaping. Pick a spot in your yard with adequate sun-exposure, access to water, and fertile soil, and lay out garden beds in single file rows or segments of 1-4 square feet. Ask the whole family what favorite vegetables they’d like to cultivate. Beefsteak tomatoes, summer squash, snow peas, and many varieties of beans are easy to grow, meaning you can allocate some gardening responsibilities to your children. Decorative details, such as vintage picket fencing or trellises for climbing vegetables, lend a special touch to your living garden. Your resident chef, too, will be thrilled with the bounty of fresh vegetables grown on your landscape.

Build a Pool for All Ages

Whether a secluded oasis or the perfect backdrop for backyard barbeques, a swimming pool can serve an array of functions that makes keeping the whole family happy a breeze. First, choose a location that works with your landscape. Where can your pool be easily accessed without overcrowding or blocking off other areas of your yard? How visible from the main home should your pool be for you to properly supervise younger children? Next, choose a pool design that fits your landscape, matching it to hardscaping elements from surrounding patio areas or the colors and textures of your home. Make sure your pool deck flooring is non-slip and weather-resistant with materials such as concrete or tumbled stone pavers. Finally, if your family includes young kids, think about surrounding your pool area with a fence and installing a self-locking gate. With thoughtful planning, your poolscape will accommodate birthday celebrations, graduation parties, and much needed adult relaxation time for years to come.

Maintain a Functional Lawn

A well-groomed lawn not only increases the value of your home, but is the foundation for garden parties, yard games, and long, barefoot evenings spent with loved ones. Keep your grass healthy and soft with a consistent mowing schedule. An automated irrigation system can also work wonders, dispensing water only where and when is needed for optimal growth and maximum use of your lawn. Let the kids play and keep your neighbors envious with an impeccable lawn.

Landscaping for the whole family doesn’t have to result in a cookie-cutter yard. Use these tips to keep everyone – including your moody teenagers – happy and healthy!