Professional Mowing Service versus Do it Yourself

professional lawn mowing vs do it myself?

Ah, the great lawn debate. Whether striving to preserve your perfect lawn or struggling to cut yours into top shape, making a decision between hiring a professional mowing service and doing it yourself is inevitable. Your lawn is the everyday face you show to the world, so take into account the following factors when choosing between hiring a professional lawn service and mowing yourself.

Professional Lawn Mowing vs DIY Cost

For most homeowners, the primary argument for or against hiring a professional mowing service revolves around a simple cost-benefit analysis. Which method will save you more money? The answer is: it depends. For starters, a DIY lawn requires equipment – namely, a lawn mower. A standard push mower will set you back about $200-$400, while riding mowers, which are essential for large lawns, can range anywhere between $800-$2,000. A typical half-acre lawn will take two gallons of gas to mow, about $6. Mowers also require tune-ups once per season, which run about $50-$75. A professional mowing service, on the other hand, will generally charge a minimum of $35 per visit, though lawns larger than a half-acre can cost around $50+. On the DIY front, costs can add up, especially for expansive lawns. In fact, some estimate it could up to seven years to recover an investment made on large lawn equipment. Bottom line: it’s important to take your lawn’s size into account when making a decision.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Like the purchase and upkeep of equipment, time spent mowing is a cost to consider. Of course, if you enjoy tending to your lawn and have the time every week, DIY might be the best decision, unless of course, there are more valuable things you can do yourself (such as tend to your garden). For others, the roughly two hours spent on a half-acre lawn might not be worth it. If you are somewhere in between, imagine how you would feel if you did not mow your lawn one week due to lack of time or energy. Would it cause stress and anxiety? How much? Consider this when debating whether or not to hire a lawn service.

Professional Experience

Mowing professionals have expertise and experience, meaning you can sit back and enjoy your lawn without worrying about slight details. Lawn mowing is more than just cutting grass. For example, an incorrect frequency or cutting length can invite weeds. What’s more, you won’t be bothered to keep up with equipment maintenance or storage. Still, critics of professional mowing services advise homeowners to check for certifications and business licenses to ensure they will receive quality service and not be liable for damages or injuries. Do your research in making sure you're using a reputable lawn maintenance company before committing to a plan - and since we are biased a bit, we'd say that us!

Health & Safety

Weekly mowing is hard work, so consider your health when deliberating on hiring a professional lawn service. Do you suffer from grass allergies? Recurring back aches? Be realistic about your limitations when making a decision. If the physical strain seems too great, hire the experts.

With these pros and cons of hiring a professional mowing service versus DIY, you are now equipped to make the choice that is right for you. Still undecided? Feel free to mull it over while giving your lawn a mow!