Protect your landscape! Deer proof your plants!

deerproofProtect your plants all winter long! With snow covering much of the vegetation eaten by deer, they will be turning their attention to your shrubbery! Deter deer before they establish your yard as a good food source, they will return until the food supply (your landscape investment!) is gone! Not to mention returning for your snowman’s carrot nose!

There are approximately 1 million deer in New York State. An adult deer can eat 4-10 pounds of vegetation per day! Deer have the ability to decimating your landscape shrubbery in no time at all! If you have shrubbery such as Arborvitae, Hemlock, Holly, Rhododendron, or Azaleas then you have a variable buffet of some of a deer’s favorite foods! Although deer will eat anything if they are hungry enough, if these plants go unprotected they can be completely destroyed!

To discourage deer from feeding on shrubs and flowers Lehigh offers Tree Guard Deer Proof spray, a deer repellent application. This liquid repellent works by being sprayed upon your plant material making it taste bad, and it contains a detection agent to let deer know that the plant is treated. Deer will either smell or taste your plantings and will opt for less offensive food in another area. The coating is creates a clear sheen and resists wash off from rain or snow. The application is NON TOXIC to both plants and animals.

So be pro-active, protect your plants and call now for a free estimate, before the deer start nosing around your property!!