Sustainable Landscape Design

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Sustainable landscape designs create value for homeowners as well as potential renters and buyers. From reducing costs and waste to increasing the overall health of the community, native plants provide entertainment and help increase property values. They attract attention and encourage explorations. Well-designed, sustainable sites make the best possible use of local materials and enhance the natural contour and style of the property. They protect area plant species and encourage their growth and development.

Native Plants

Many families and businesses are making the choice to improve their lifestyle at home and around their neighborhoods. Using regionally grown plants and vegetation helps to decrease water usage and reduces the amount of energy required to care for these landscapes. This saves money on care and maintenance while reducing the chance of introducing an invasive species to the area- which have taken a toll on local shrubbery. Using native species helps to protect endangered specimens while enjoying the naturally-fitting beauty.

Environment-Friendly Maintenance

Chemically treated materials can leach poisonous substances into the dirt. Landscaping timbers, rough cut wood, and naturally occurring materials can often provide the same functions without the added concerns.

Using garden clippings or locally created mulch helps reduce the chance of invading bugs or pests that could cause damage your landscape. Many locally occurring insects and critters have natural predators or native plant-life that work as a repellent to these pests and keep them out of your yard or garden. Many gardeners and landscapers call this companion gardening and find that it can works as effectively as many higher-priced insecticides.

Edible Plantings

The newest sustainable trend is the use of edible plantings to enhance and improve many landscapes. Berries have always been an exciting addition to yards and lawns. Apple, peach, or pear trees add special appeal to kids who enjoy "foraging" for their own fruit. Strawberries make great ground cover and the smell of ripe berries makes for a relaxing afternoon.

As for vegetables, tomatoes have become an exciting addition to many flower beds. The red tomatoes add color and variety to landscape settings. Indeterminate selections, or vine tomatoes, such as cherry tomatoes keep growing throughout the season. This makes them ideal for arbors and trellises. In other words, don’t force yourself to keep the edibles to just one section of your backyard!


Image: Monrovia