Top Lawn Care Problems (get your beautiful, lush, green lawn back!)

Top Lawn Care Problems (get your beautiful, lush, green lawn back! hopewell junction, ny

While most Dutchess County, NY homeowners dream of a beautiful, lush, and green lawn, it's often a never-ending battle for one. As soon as you feel that you've finally achieved your green-as-can-be-grass, there is another grass killer in sight.  Occasionally, this could mean it's time for a new lawn, while other times, it's simply a treat and maintain plan to bring back the grass health. Here are the top dream lawn killers to keep an eye out. Here's to wishing everyone a beautiful lawn this year!

Bare Patches

When dirt is showing through your grass, the turf is trying to send you a big message. Your lawn is crying out for help, and you should listen. Bare patches can result from a variety of problems, so it is best to call in a professional to diagnose the source of the trouble. It could be too much shade, soil that needs to be aerated, or your grass has just hit its expiration date. In some instances, the cause is from using the wrong type of grass seed. For example, since seeds don’t do well in shady spots, while others thrive in them. 

Weeds Everywhere

An abundance of weeds is a flashing red warning sign that your lawn is underperforming. A healthy, lush lawn can sometimes crowd out weeds. Typically, a weedy lawn is caused by overwatering, lack of nutrition, or cutting the grass too short. For an extra layer of prevention, weed care early in the spring can help prevent weeds from emerging in the summer. Often homeowners attempt to resolve what they think is causing the weeds and create a brand new cause. For example, an assumption on under-watering could easily cause over-watering, leaving you with the same weeds problems. Have the true source diagnosed before you begin the treatment (and then prevention) plan.

Brown Spots

It is natural for a lawn to go into dormancy and turn brown for a period of time. However, if your lawn is brown and crunchy for a large portion of the year or is spreading during normally-green grass conditions, you may have the wrong kind of turf for your area or a disease problems on your hands. Some turf diseases can wipe out large patches fast and eat grass all the way down to the roots. Proper treatment and the prevention cures. Occasionally, new lawn patches are the best cure.

Animals and Children

If you notice thinning patches where your kids or pets have carved a path, it is time to switch to a lawn that doesn’t mind being walked on. Some turfs are extremely finicky when it comes to foot traffic. They will stay thick and green as long as no one is trotting on them. Other types of grass are like an outdoor carpet and can easily handle a constant barrage of little feet and paws.

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