What Causes Crabgrass and How to Prevent it in Lagrangeville, NY

Without proper treatment, crabgrass can be a persistent foe to your Lagrangeville, NY, landscape. This pesky opponent often appears in the spring and can remain a growing issue through the summer months if left unhandled. Rather than exploring ineffective methods, discover what exactly causes crabgrass and the achievable ways to prevent it from making its way into your lawn.

What Is Crabgrass?

What Causes Crabgrass and How to Prevent it in Lagrangeville, NY  

Crabgrass is a grass-type weed that typically spreads thousands of seeds over the span of its lifetime, making it especially difficult to control once it has shown up. This type of weed is aggressive and tends to do well in the parts of our yard that are dried out, thin, or sun-scorched.

If there’s any positive characteristic of crabgrass it’s the fact that it’s considered an annual weed, meaning it only has a lifespan of one year. Once the crabgrass season has ended, it dies off, allowing for your yard to have a fresh start next season. On the flip side, because the lifespan of this weed is limited to one season, it tends to spread rapidly.

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What Causes Crabgrass?

This unwanted grassy weed can be caused by a number of factors. Crabgrass thrives in stressed areas. Any area that may be damaged by excessive sunlight could be an excellent place for this weed to grow. It also spreads to areas where regular grass may be thinning out or leaving bare spots. Crabgrass can also prey on dried-out grass patches that are scattered throughout your lawn.

The difficult thing about crabgrass is that it can spread seeds rapidly and become a problem quickly. It’s also incredibly persistent: Autumn frost is known to kill crabgrass but not the seeds it spreads.

How Can Crabgrass Be Prevented?

The best way to prevent crabgrass from popping up in your yard is by preventing the grassy weed from finding an environment to thrive in. Because this weed persists in bare and thinned-out grass spots, it’s best to keep your lawn well-maintained and cared for.

Allow expert, experienced, and knowledgeable landscapers to tend to your lawn’s needs by providing it with a specific set of services that are best suited for your landscape. This will help to prevent the presence of crabgrass by replanting any existing bare lawn spots and avoiding any new ones from forming. Lawn mowing services will also keep your lawn healthy and trimmed to the proper length while preventing weeds and keeping it looking organized and well-kept.

Lastly, crabgrass preventers can be installed efficiently and effectively to protect your pristine lawn from becoming overrun by this aggressive and relentless weed. A system of aeration and overseeding can be put in place to fight crabgrass and promote a healthy, lush lawn.

Professional and skilled landscapers prevent pesky and dreadful weeds from finding their way into landscapes while also ensuring that the outdoor look of your home maintains its beauty.