Why Weed Killer Begins With Pre-Emergent Herbicide in Westchester County, NY

If crabgrass or other weeds are taking over your lawn, do not wait until they have grown to do battle with them. The use of pre-emergent herbicides will make your summer much more enjoyable. Here is why weed killer begins with pre-emergent herbicide in Westchester County, NY.

“Prevention is easier than a cure” is old wisdom that doesn’t just apply to your body. It applies to your lawn as well. Planning ahead and supporting your lawn with pre-emergent herbicides and fertilizer is a more effective approach than waiting until weeds have spread. In fact, pre-emergent weed killing is one of the most important lawn treatments you can have done each year to keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful.

What Are Pre-emergent Herbicides?

Why Weed Killer Begins With Pre-Emergent Herbicide in Westchester County, NY

Pre-emergent herbicides help prevent crabgrass and other weeds by killing seedlings before they become established. Once a weed is established, though, it’s too late to use pre-emergent herbicides, and that is when it is time to switch to post-emergent herbicides.

The Effectiveness of Pre-emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent herbicides create a vapor barrier that suffocates seedlings before they germinate. It’s an extremely effective treatment if done correctly. This means that timing and thorough coverage are essential.

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When to Apply Pre-emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent herbicides are generally applied early in the season, before the lawn grass appears green. You ideally want to target weeds before your lawn starts to come out of its dormant state since weeds germinate sooner than grass. You can tell it’s time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide if your trees and shrubs have just barely started budding and before soil temperatures reach 50 degrees. Waiting any longer will be too late to use pre-emergent herbicides and you are likely going to be facing a summer-long battle with weeds.

Best Practices for Your Landscape

Aside from applying them early in the season, there are key practices that will ensure that pre-emergent herbicides are effective. For one, the pre-emergent herbicides with fertilizer must be mixed to the manufacturer’s recommended proportions, to support grass growth. Thorough coverage is essential, so the amounts recommended by the manufacturer must be followed. Landscapers will cover the entire lawn as if they were covering it with a blanket, and they do not spot-treat your lawn using pre-emergents. Any bare untreated spots will invite weeds.

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Pre-emergent herbicide cannot be applied to newly seeded lawns (as it will kill the grass seedlings along with weed seedlings) or if you have just had sod installed (it will damage the roots as they try to establish themselves).

Once the lawn has been treated, it must be left undisturbed for a minimum of one week—that means no pets, no kids, no mowing.

Doing a thorough job on your lawn using pre-emergent herbicides must be carried out precisely and carefully to achieve the desired results. Your landscape contractor can assess your lawn and determine whether there’s time to effectively apply a pre-emergent treatment or whether something else can be done. They can also take on other work to set up your landscape for a great year. Imagine the benefits of having lawn care professionals simultaneously do other spring landscaping chores and get your landscape off to a great start.