Let Lehigh Light Up Your Holidays!

It may seem a little early to line up all of your holiday plans but the reality is that the busy holiday season will arrive before we know it. And if you are hoping to hire a professional lighting decorator, then now is the time to take action before it’s too late. Don’t wait until the last minute; book your appointment today and be sure to avoid the drag of hanging lights on your own! Lehigh Holiday Lighting offers homes and businesses exceptional holiday lighting displays. Let’s face it, the holidays can be a bit chaotic and the last thing you want to tackle without sufficient time and expertise is your lighting decor. Since your holiday lights become the focal point of your home, it is a good idea to hire the holiday lighting experts. The Lehigh Holiday Lighting team of professional lighting pros has a standing reputation for quality service and has decorated hundreds of homes and businesses in Dutchess, Putnam, Ulster, and Westchester Counties. Also, each professional has been trained and is insured so you can trust that your home or business is in good hands. And what’s even better? We will not only install the lights for the holidays but also take them down and store them until the next season. So, what are you waiting for?

Commercial Snow & Ice Management

Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. has a set of proven processes to assure that we are fully informed and prepared to provide the specific snow removal services your property requires. These processes result in us being more than just your snow partner; we’ll also be your information partner.

We want you to understand exactly what services Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping proposes to perform, so that you can make an informed decision. We will first, meet with you onsite to identify your needs, measure and document every inch of your property and prepare and present a proposal for your evaluation and acceptance.

Season Setup:
Once you’ve chosen Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping, we will prepare our staff and procedures in accordance with the parameters of your contract. We will train our drivers on safety and performance issues specific to your site place site-specific notes and aerial images in each driver’s route book, and provide your property with snow markers that will ensure that all areas on your property will be cleared as safely as possible.

Pre-Event Communication:
During the period of 12-24 hours before a storm arrives in our area, we are monitoring reports and in communication with our on-call meteorologists. Based upon these reports, we will prepare our staff and fleet to provide the very best snow and ice management services possible.

Performing Snow Removal Services:
When the forecast calls for snow, we’ll be scouting your site for a first-hand look. We will execute pre-salting services of your property to ensure the safety of the pavement during the period between the start of an event and the accumulation of adequate snowfall that requires plowing. We will begin to start plowing as soon as the conditions require it. We realize you need your parking lot plowed and sidewalks shoveled before opening for business. No problem! Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. will be there early to make sure your property is ready for operation! After our drivers have been dispatched and have performed your customized services, we’ll inspect your site to ensure our performance met the quality standards you were promised.
So call or click for a free estimate! Our trained and professional staff is waiting for your call!

Get Your Leaves Off The Ground

Nature has ended its cultivation and has begun to yield a landscape of reds, yellows and oranges as the trees and leaves make their transformation from summer to autumn. As the leaves fall to the ground they begin to lose their magnificence and become a source of hours of cleanup work.

In order to have a healthy, beautiful lawn, all leaves must be removed. The weight of wet leaves can cause problems such as compaction which can suffocate grass and create a buildup of moisture that can cause a host of fungal diseases. Leaves can also add acidic imbalance to your lawn. These issues can destroy your grass and also cause an increase of broadleaf weeds in your lawn. In addition spores found on leaves left on your property can get into the soil and re-infect trees and shrubs.

Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping will perform a thorough removal of leaves and branches from your property. We will insure that turf areas are free of leaves that can potentially damage your lawn. Our services are currently being performed in the area and will continue until the end of the fall season. Call our office for a quote on leaf clean-up services. Let us do the work and insure that your lawn will be healthy for the rest of the year and for next year’s growing season! Leaf removal is a vital part of our services that not only preserves the manicured look or your property but protects it as well.

Core-Aeration & Slice Seeding

Combining Core-Aeration and Slice Seeding gives your lawn twice the soil exposure. In addition it relieves soil compaction, so that new roots can easily penetrate and establish. What’s the Benefit? Core aeration can open up your lawn to getting a lot more of what it needs for recovery from summer stress and for just plain good health. An aerator pulls out thousands of plugs of thatch and soil, each about the size of a finger from your lawn. The hollow blades of the aerator cut through the thatch layer and into the soil, then leave the plugs to decompose on top of the ground. The wide open paths where the plugs used to be allow for easy penetration of life-giving air, water and nutrients. Many of our current customers have us Core Aerate their lawns yearly. Slice seeding is the method of actually applying seed but also creating “proper” growth pockets for new seedlings. Now you can get the best of both worlds! You’ll gain maximum germination as well as all of the benefits of Core Aeration. Additionally, all the plugs left from aeration will help when our slice seeder runs over your lawn. It will help break down the cores quicker and at the same time utilize them to sew in seed for the best result! After such a hard summer on lawns, renovating your lawn in such a way dramatically improves your turf stand for years to come! What about Thatch? Thatch is the layer just above the soil of decaying plant life-mainly dead grass stems, crowns and roots. Even if you use a mulching mower, thatch continues to build up, forming a habitat for insects and disease. Aeration is an easy way to break through the thatch and open up the soil beneath. How about Your Soil Composition? Soil, especially if it has lots of clay like here in the Hudson Valley, can become compacted and dense. It’s hard for anything, including roots of plants, to get through. Taking out plugs gives the soil a new lease on life. Soil and roots can expand into the created spaces. It’s also easier for worms and other helpful insects to move through the soil bed. And, as an extra benefit, as the plugs left on the lawn’s surface break up, they mix with the thatch and help it decompose. Every lawn benefits from aeration at least once a year.


On September 22nd Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping friends, family and business associates will be participating as a team in the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk. My personal goal is to raise money and I invite you to join us by doing either of the following:
•Join the Lehigh team at the Dutchess County Rail Trail, 29 Overocker Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 on September 22nd. Registration starts at 9:00am. The walk starts at 10:30am.
•Make a tax-deductible contribution of any amount to the Alzheimer’s Association online at

Deer Proof Your Plants

Deer in the garden? Deer Proof New and Existing Plantings!

Tree Guard Deer proof spray works at Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping. This deer was caught on camera passing up a meal of daylily at our office!

There are approximately 1 million deer in New York State. An adult deer can eat 4-10 pounds of vegetation per day! Deer are creatures of habit and once they establish your yard as a good food source, they will return until the food supply is gone!

To discourage deer from feeding on shrubs and flowers Lehigh offers a deer repellent spray application. The liquid repellent works by being sprayed upon your plant material making it taste bad, and it contains a detection agent to let deer know that the plant is treated. Deer or rabbits will either smell or taste your plantings and will opt for less offensive food in another area. The coating is creates a clear sheen and resists wash off from rain or snow. The application is NON OXIC to both plants and animals.

Tree Guard Deer Proofing new and existing plantings is extremely important in areas of where deer traffic is high! Follow these simple suggestions to limit deer damage to shrubs and flowers:

Where: Lehigh will apply deer proof spray on all your new and existing shrubs and flowers in planting beds on your property!

How Often: Applications can be made in Spring, Summer and Fall depending upon your particular degree of deer traffic. With a strong recommendation to apply in Fall due to the impending winter snow which is likely to cover most of the deer’s food source at ground level making your plant material the next best thing for deer to eat.

Weather: During times of drought deer tend to eat more shrubs and trees rather than dried up grass!
Remember…depending on the size of the deer herd, the severity of winter, and the availability of food, hungry deer will eat anything; repellents or not!

Call 845.463.4400 for Deer Proofing and service.

We Look Forward To Serving You!


It’s that time of year to enhance your gardens and flower beds with the endless number of perennials available, from the feathery Astilbe to coarse evergreen Yucca.  If it’s a shady area you are attempting to fill, try combining Astilbe ‘Montgomery’ (burgundy-red flowers, July),  Japanese  Painted Fern (foliage plant, silver and green leaves with burgundy veins) and Lamium ‘Pink Pewter’ (soft pink flowers May-August, silver leaves). Or, if it’s a sunny area you’re looking to brighten up, combine Coreopsis ‘Moonbean’ (soft yellow flowers June-August, ferny, green leaves), Geranium ‘Rozanne’ (blue flowers June-October) and Sedum ‘seiboldeii’ (pink flowers August-September, frosty blue succulent leaves). Whichever perennials you choose,  they are sure to add a splash of color and perk up your yard.

Sgt. Mark C. Palmateer Memorial

SGT. MARK C. PALMATEER MEMORIAL A monument is being constructed as a tribute to the Courage & Sacrifice of former Town of Wappinger resident and Army National Guard Sgt. Mark C. Palmateer. Sgt. Palmateer was killed in action in 2008 in Afghanistan. He is the first soldier in Dutchess County to die in the War On Terror. If you would like to purchase a 4X8” brick to be installed on the memorial, please send $100 to Councilman William Beale, P.O. Box 375, Hughsonville, NY 12537. You can have the brick engraved up to 3 lines of 18 characters per line. If you would like to make a donation in any amount instead, you can also send it to the aforementioned address. Checks should be made payable to “Town of Wappinger – Sgt. Palmateer Memorial”.