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let the lehigh team protect and beautiful your landscaping investment with a professional irrigation system for your plants and lawn. 


Residential & Commercial Irrigation in Westchester County, NY

Residential irrigation in Westchester County NY

This has been some summer! No rain, raging temperatures, just the right conditions to turn your dirt to dust and your lawn to…well, what lawn? Are you ready for some help?

A permanent, supplemental electrically operated watering system designed to transport and distribute water to plants and lawns.

Lehigh Lawn & Landscaping, Inc is an experienced company who specializes in irrigation system installation and maintenance. We can come out and give you an estimate to install a new irrigation system to keep that lawn green and those plants happy. No more dragging around hoses, sprinklers or standing around for hours thinking “is that enough water?”. Irrigation systems work on timers, so its totally hassle free! If there is a problem at any time, we are there to help and maintain the system.

We provide services for start up and shut down of systems with the seasons. We supply timers to regulate your systems as well as replacement parts if and when needed. Our experienced technicians can come out and diagnose any problems and repair them in any timely manner.

In the summer months, most water used in residential areas is applied to landscapes. By learning how much water to apply to your landscape and when to apply it, you simultaneously support 3 landscape irrigation goals: reducing cost, conserving water and maintaining an attractive landscape.

An irrigation system applies water uniformly. Uniformity means every plant or soil surface receives the same amount of water. For example, one area should not receive 1/2″ of water while another area receives 1 1/2″. This is done by insuring proper spacing and proper placement of sprinkler heads. Annual maintenance is an important part of any irrigation system.

Please give Lehigh Landscaping a call today for an estimate on irrigation and get your yard, plants and trees looking well saturated and happy again. And no more dust balls!

Top quality irrigation Westchester County NY

5 Common Problems with Irrigation Systems in Westchester County, NY

While an irrigation system can save time spent watering your landscape and conserve the amount of water necessary to keep it green and lush, some of these systems run into problems at some point or another. Quickly addressing any of these common problems with your Westchester County, NY, irrigation system will get your lawn back to its normal routine as soon as possible.

Irrigation Westchester County NY



"…I found your whole operation to be very professional. Your men were very skilled and courteous.I would not hesitate to recommend your company. Thank you again! " – Carl Schwartz



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