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Residential Landscaping Services

If you're one of the many Hudson Valley homeowners looking to improve the beauty of your property, Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping is the local lawn maintenance company you can trust to help you do so. As the premier landscaping pros serving the area, we provide local homeowners with a wide range of high-quality services designed to help you customize your landscape to your specific tastes and keep it looking its best year after year. Are you looking for a professional Hopewell Junction landscaping company you can trust with all of your lawn care and landscaping needs? If so, give our team of skilled professionals a call today and let us show you the kind of quality results that have helped make us the most trusted name in residential landscaping the area has to offer.

Landscape maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Keeping your lawn looking its best can be a lot of work, and for many homeowners, it's work they can't always find time to do. If you want to keep your lawn looking great season after season, but don't have time to do everything yourself, our landscape maintenance services might be the perfect option. Our team of skilled landscaping pros can provide you with the ongoing landscape maintenance services you need to keep your lawn and landscape healthy and thriving.

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Fertilization program

Fertilization Program

Fertilization is an absolutely essential element when it comes to maintaining your lawn, and with our fertilization program, it's never been easier to get the care you need to keep your lawn lush and beautiful. If you're interested in enrolling in one of our fertilization programs, give our team of skilled landscaping pros a call today and let us help you get started.

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Design build


When it comes to landscape design, natural features can often be complemented by hardscape and stone features to help highlight the beauty and improve the function of our outdoor spaces. If you're interested in our design and build services to help you improve the beauty and function of your residential property, give our team of landscaping pros a call today and let us show you some ideas.

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Proper irrigation is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn and landscape, and there are definitely advantages to having a professional irrigation system installed in comparison to just doing the watering yourself. A professional irrigation system will not only ensure you get water where you need it, it will also ensure your lawn and landscape get the proper amount, and that watering is done at the proper times of the day, maximizing the health of your lawn.

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Drainage Systems

Drainage is an important factor that many homeowners tend to forget about. Standing water can be a problem for lawns and landscapes for a number of different reasons, but with a professionally installed drainage system, you can rest assured that it won't be a problem you have to deal with on your property any longer.

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Tick control

Tick Control

Ticks are a common outdoor pest, and unfortunately, they can carry a number of harmful diseases for both humans and pets alike. If you're in need of tick control services to rid your property of these troublesome pests, give Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping a call today and let us help you get started.

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If you're looking for a landscaping contractor in the Hudson Valley area, please call us today at 845-463-4400 or complete our online request form.