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4 Signs Your Business Should Invest More in Snow Management in Putnam County, NY

4 Signs Your Business Should Invest More in Snow Management in Putnam County NY

When the temperatures plunge and the snow sets in, the cost to your Putnam County, NY, business can be substantial. If all of the signs point to investing more in snow management, here are some things to think about.

How Snow Impacts Business

Loss of Foot Traffic: When a business depends on foot traffic for sales, too much snow and ice can definitely keep the shoppers away. Even for coffee shops and other food-related retail, difficulty getting from the car to the sidewalk can dissuade people from venturing out into the cold weather. A one day closure can result in a high loss of income, which most businesses cannot afford. 

Employees: If employees can’t get to work because the snow prohibits them from entering the business location, it can be quite hard to keep the doors open. On the outside chance that an employee slips and falls, this can mean that the employer must cover the cost of medical care, something which can’t happen often before it impacts the bottom line. 

Changes in Purchases: A harsh winter storm can affect the buying habits of the public, as well. People tend not to spend as much on unnecessary items because they don’t get out as much. This can be especially true of retail businesses that rely on impulse purchases or seasonal purchases. When customers can’t access the location easily or don’t know the business is still open, the sales are directly affected. 

Damage to the Landscape: Engaging a company for snow removal that does not have the proper equipment, staff, or correct chemicals can mean damage to the surfaces of the parking areas and walkways. When too much salt or deicing chemicals penetrate the grass surrounding the access areas, the grass, shrubs and trees can be affected or die, which can result in costly replacements once the weather warms up. 

What to Look For in Snow Management

When searching for an outstanding snow management service, look for the following.

Large Fleet of Equipment: Because no two locations are alike, your snow management service should have a variety of equipment sizes to accommodate the huge spaces as well as the small spaces. Large equipment that clears a small space can actually do more damage than good when removing the snow. 

State of the Art Salt Tracking System: When you are paying for salt usage, knowing that the charges you incur are accurate and that too much salt has not been used can help to keep your costs down. This is the advantage of a salt tracking system. 

High-Performance Deicing Agent: You want a deicing agent that not only melts the snow but forms a barrier between the snow and the pavement to prevent more ice from forming. 

GPS-Directed Vehicles: Knowing that all of the vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking can ensure accurate reporting for distance traveled.

From start to finish, your Putnam County, NY, snow removal service provides the expertise to ensure your snow removal needs are completed on time and on budget. With competitive pricing and the assurance that no contract is too large or too small, you can be confident that your business will still be accessible and running even in the worst storm. 

When the driveways, walkways, and parking lots are always clear of snow and ice during the winter for the safety of your employees, visitors, and customers, the investment that you made in snow management will be worth every penny spent.


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