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Commercial Landscaping Trends for 2020 in Westchester County, NY

Commercial Landscaping Trends for 2020 in Westchester County NY

As you look toward the new year, there are some trends for commercial landscapes that can bring about better practices for your Westchester County, NY, location. Here are some indicators of what commercial landscaping will look like.


While for many years the trend was for people to move out of cities and into suburban locations, this has reversed as more and more people are choosing to live in the city instead. This can mean that urban dwellers will seek out natural spaces to fulfill that need for nature with city life. This can mean that creating places for employees to eat outside on a beautiful day should be a high priority for commercial spaces. A dedicated green space to work on a project or relax on a bench for a few minutes in a break from work can be exactly what a commercial location needs. Even a walking path for those who want to get some exercise during the workday can be a valuable addition.

Minimizing Waste and Promoting Sustainability  

Many people are focused on reusing resources while also not participating in wasteful practices. Take the issue of plastic bags—many people are opting to bring along reusable bags for food and groceries. This can be reflected in commercial agriculture through recycling grass clippings and mulching trimmed branches. 

Many commercial locations are replacing plants with drought-tolerant choices like ornamental grasses and succulents. The use of natural stone and boulders can give your landscape texture and interest with very little maintenance required. 

Drainage Solutions

Inspecting your commercial location for water that is sitting beside the foundation or areas where storm water is washing away mulch and leaving plant roots exposed can mean that you need drainage solutions. Replacing mulch with smooth pebbles can help with that problem as can more effective grading. Addressing these issues now can lead to a more successful and beautiful commercial landscape in the long run. 

Property Enhancements

Many commercial properties need to be refreshed and enhanced to compete with newer buildings. Commercial tenants want to have pretty, engaging surroundings to draw in future clients and employees. Often an existing commercial property needs to find a way to rebrand itself, and this can come in the form of a new landscape plan. 

Water features can be popular as they bring a delightful focal point to the landscape along with the peaceful sounds of spilling water. Adding benches and other seating arrangements around the fountain can provide places for people to meet outdoors or prepare for a presentation. 


More and more commercial locations are integrating technology to keep things like lighting, irrigation, and other features running smoothly. Technology can help to reduce water consumption, electricity costs, and generally make the landscape function in a more streamlined manner. 

Let a Landscape Expert Help

A trained landscape professional has the tools and expertise to create a commercial landscape that meets your customers’ needs, which can draw in quality tenants. Their experience in drainage and irrigation can help you remedy the problems that might exist in your landscape while also boosting the beauty with water features and well-chosen plants. They can be the best partner for the success of your Westchester County, NY, commercial location.


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