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How Commercial Landscaping Differs from Residential Services in Hudson Valley, NY

How Commercial Landscaping Differs from Residential Services in Hudson Valley NY

When searching for a landscape company to design or renovate your Hudson Valley, NY, property, how can you tell the difference between a residential service and a commercial service to decide which one is right for your project. Here are some key distinctions between the two.

the Scope and Size

A residential landscape contractor tends to focus primarily on homes that are owned by individuals. Projects for residential homes and common areas tend to be driven by creativity—what unique features can a landscape contractor bring to a landscape to make it reflect the owner? 

Projects also tend to be smaller than in commercial landscapes because the size of the property is smaller. In addition, many homeowners already have a strong idea of what they want and they look to the contractor to deliver that concept. 

Residential landscaping tends to be more personal and taste-focused, small details often matter to the owner of the home, and it is the designer’s job to discern those and incorporate them into the design plan. 

In contrast, commercial landscaping tends to focus more on the function of the landscape, or how will it be used by a large number of people? The size of the space can be quite large, and considerations such as safety, lighting, and ease of accessing the building can take priority. 

Commercial landscape projects typically require large equipment and specialized knowledge of complex landscape features. 

The Focus of Projects

In residential landscaping, the focus of the project can be small, such as expanding a patio. It can also be large, such as when homeowners wish to revamp the entire backyard to make it more reflective of how they want to use that outdoor space. This can include installing an in-ground swimming pool along with an outdoor kitchen to entertain family and friends during the warm summer months. 

Commercial landscaping, on the other hand, can tend toward large scale projects simply because of the size of a building and its surrounding space. Large spaces require larger trees, shrubs, and hardscapes to keep the balance in scale. 


Whether in residential or commercial landscape, a referral from happy clients can give you the confidence that your choice of company is right. You should be able to see previous work and talk with clients freely to determine if a landscape company would be a good fit for your project. A reputable company should be glad to share previous projects to help you determine if they are right for your needs.  

The Advantage of a Landscape Company That Can Do Both 

To be able to serve both residential and commercial customers well requires years of experience and knowledge. It necessitates a broad scale of expertise and oversight to offer quality services to both segments of clients, which few companies can do.

When you can find a Hudson Valley, NY, lawn and landscape service with the capability to do both, you can rest assured that the best knowledge from both commercial and residential landscaping can help you design the ideal landscape for your unique needs.

With over 30 years of experience serving the Hudson Valley, NY, they make it their job to find out what is important to you and to provide exactly that. As a company that lives and works where they serve, you can count on them being there for you for years to come. 


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