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How Frequent Stressors Like Outdoor Sports Influence Lawn Maintenance in Hopewell Junction, NY

How Frequent Stressors Like Outdoor Sports Influence Lawn Maintenance in Hopewell Junction NY

When you enjoy outdoor sports, constant foot traffic can take a toll on your Hopewell Junction, NY, lawn. Here are some ways to keep your grass in top shape despite the wear and tear of fun outdoor sports.


Great preparation can be key to keeping the grass alive and in good health, even when your family and friends love to play football or badminton together. First, mow the grass as high as possible to provide a cushion for protection of the roots. As feet step on the grass over and over, this can damage the foundation of the grass. So, keeping a thick cushion of taller grass can keep the toll to a minimum. 

Watering the grass should be done in the very early part of the morning to allow time for the moisture to sink in and the blades to dry before a game takes place. Playing sports on a wet grassy area can mean slipping from the wetness, muddy areas, and possible damage to the roots. Two deep waterings per week should be enough to keep your lawn healthy and strong.  

You might also consider leaving the clippings from the mowing to form a natural extra cushion as they decay and filter to the soil. 

Provide Extra Care

Once your event is over, providing extra care for your lawn can be a great idea. Raking the depressed areas can allow the blades to stand up once more, giving them a chance to recover more quickly. 

Filter some compost over the ground to help the soil maintain the moisture from the watering. A fine layer of compost can provide some nutrients and encourage beneficial microbes that help strengthen the grass blades and roots. 

Resume your normal watering schedule to encourage the grass to bounce back. If the grass is in especially bad shape, some light fertilizer can provide the nutrients the grass needs to go back to a healthy, weed-free state. 

Consult a Grass Expert 

Your Hopewell Junction, NY, lawn care experts have the tools and expertise you need to keep your lawn healthy while you, your family, and friends enjoy the sports you love: 

Prevent Weeds: Lawn care experts start the process of optimizing the health of your lawn by preventing weeds before they have a chance to sprout. 

Weed and Feed: This weed deterrent application targets crabgrass and dandelions, which can be especially pesky and difficult to remove. The feed provides turf nourishment, which is essential to grass growth.

Grub Control: Prevent those unsightly brown patches in your lawn from beetle larvae.

Early Summer Fertilizer: This fertilizer feeds your summer lawn to keep it thick and resistant to weeds and pests.

Early Fall Fertilizer: Early fall fertilizer helps to rejuvenate summer-stressed lawns as the weather cools and the grass begins to grow once more. 

Late Fall Fertilizer: This critical winterization treatment provides nutrients for your lawn during the dormant winter months so that it can come back strong in the spring.

Keeping your lawn lush and green for your favorite sports competitions is their specialty. They can customize a lawn maintenance plan that fits your budget and your needs to keep your Hopewell Junction, NY, yard in top shape before and after a big game. 


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