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How Often Should Your Property Receive Lawn Treatment in Pleasant Valley, NY?

How Often Should Your Property Receive Lawn Treatment in Pleasant Valley NY

When the heat of summer wanes and the cool fall temperatures arrive, it can be tempting to think that your Pleasant Valley, NY, lawn care responsibilities are over. Yet, for a thriving, lush yard, your lawn should receive regular lawn treatments.

Lawn Treatments That You Need

Fertilizer: Fertilizer is composed of three nutrients: phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. Phosphorus helps your grass grow strong roots and stems while potassium gives your grass drought and disease resistance. Nitrogen can be the most important nutrient because it promotes healthy leaf development and supports the production of chlorophyll, which is the way the grass feeds itself.

Because any soil can become depleted of essential nutrients for vigorous grass health, treating your lawn with fertilizer can replenish what is missing. Fertilizer applications should happen in early spring, early summer, early fall, and late fall. The late fall fertilizer is intended to give your existing grass and any new grass that has germinated food to store for the winter when it can’t make its own food. 

Herbicides: Herbicides are weed killers that work to keep weeds from germinating and growing, as well as to kill weeds that have already grown. Pre-emergent herbicides kill weeds like broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, and dandelions.

Post-emergent herbicides kill weeds that have already sprouted and grown. Each of these weed killer treatments are necessary to keep your lawn weed-free for an entire growing season. 

Grub Control: If you have ever noticed a brown patch of dead grass in your yard only to inspect it and see that you can lift up the whole section, then you are probably familiar with grubs. Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles that appear in early summer to eat the leaves on your trees. They lay their eggs right underneath the grass where the grubs can eat the tender roots as they hatch and mature. You will know you have grubs if you can lift the patch of dead grass like a piece of carpet. 

Flea and Tick Control: Fleas and ticks hang out in your lawn just waiting for an opportunity to climb onto you and be transported indoors. Tick bites can bring lasting problems for you in the form of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, while flea bites are itchy and annoying. These pests can multiply inside of your home to infest your carpet and furniture, making them extremely difficult to remove and costly to eradicate from your home. Frequently, they can require multiple treatments in order to completely clear you home. 

How a Lawn Care Expert Can Help

Keeping up with what to apply to your Pleasant Valley, NY, lawn and when to apply it can be a daunting task, especially with a busy work and family life. Your Pleasant Valley, NY, lawn care service has the expertise, chemicals, and tools to keep your lawn right on schedule with any fertilizer, weed applications, and grub control. 

The owner is both a certified pesticide applicator and a certified arborist, meaning that you can trust him to understand the needs of your lawn. With a team that has technical expertise and knowledge of all things relating to a thriving landscape, they should be your go-to when you want your lawn to look its best in every season.


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