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How To Create an Outdoor Kitchen That Will Satisfy the Passionate Cook in Poughkeepsie, NY

How To Create an Outdoor Kitchen That Will Satisfy the Passionate Cook in Poughkeepsie NY

A Poughkeepsie, NY, outdoor kitchen should clearly have the basics of a grill, refrigerator, and cooktop for the passionate cook. But what about the extras? Here are some special additions to delight the alfresco cook in your home.

Ice Maker

Whether you are hosting the 4th of July barbecue or Christmas dinner, an ice maker always comes in handy. If you ordinarily buy bags of ice for hosting large groups, an ice maker can take care of that task for you. 

Pizza Oven

A pizza oven can serve so many functions for the avid cook—from allowing each member of the household to create a unique pizza to experimenting with creating artisan pizzas. It can bake bread or cookies or apple turnovers. For the baker in your home, there is nothing like fresh-baked, warm bread to complete a delicious meal. You can use a pizza oven to cook salmon on cedar planks and baked potatoes, too. 

Warming Oven

While it might not seem significant, a warming oven can be the item you never knew you needed. It can keep bread and casseroles warm while you grill the rest of the meal, or it can keep an apple pie warm for the ice cream to melt for an end-of-meal dessert. 

Wine Cooler 

A wine cooler can keep you from running back and forth inside to get more wine when the bottle is empty. This can be especially handy if you love to entertain large groups where having wine and pizza night is your idea of a great time with friends. 

Beer Tap

Adding a beer tap to the bar area of an outdoor kitchen can make your entire party so much easier. There are no cans or bottles to deal with because the keg provides all the beer you need. Buying kegs is more friendly to the environment because there is less waste. Imagine enjoying your favorite sports teams play with a self-serve beer tap!

Coffee Bar

Almost everyone loves coffee. A coffee bar can be just what you need to add to your outdoor kitchen. Whether it is a chilly fall evening or a warm summer night, many of your guests will enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee right from the coffee bar. With all of the flavored creamers and supplies needed to make a great cup of coffee, they can enjoy as many cups as they wish without having to run back inside for a refill.

How Your Landscape Service Can Help

While your Poughkeepsie, NY, landscape service can keep your lawn looking green and lush during the summer, they can also design and build the ultimate outdoor kitchen for the avid cook in the family. With a custom designed kitchen that fits your property perfectly, they can install any feature that you might want when you host a gathering of any size.  

Blending beauty and function is a passion of theirs, and they have been bringing their clients’ visions to life for over 25 years. Because they are a local, family-owned business, they will be there for you from the start of construction to any maintenance needs you might have down the road. 


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