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How to Know If You Need More Rigorous Snow Management in Westchester County, NY

How to Know If You Need More Rigorous Snow Management in Westchester County NY

When business owners and their employees can’t come to work because there is no safe path from the Westchester County, NY, parking lot to the building, perhaps it is time to rethink your snow management method. Here are some warning signs that you need more rigorous snow management for your commercial location.

Signs That You Need Better Snow Removal

Too Few Employees: When you spend time waiting for the snow removal crew to show up only to learn they are delayed on another job, that could mean that this company has spread its resources too thin. It can be tempting for a snow removal company to accept too many contracts for the manpower and equipment it has available. But this can mean your location does not get the attention it deserves. 

Insufficient Equipment: For a large commercial property, a snow removal company should have a large fleet of heavy-duty trucks of different sizes along with commercial-grade plows for various sized properties. You also need to know that the sidewalks will be cleared regularly so that employees and clients have clear and safe access to the entryways.

Disregard for the Landscape: A reputable snow removal company should do everything in its power to protect the grass, shrubs, and trees that are buried under the snow. You don’t want to have the snow moved only to realize that once the winter has passed, there are thousands of dollars in landscape repairs from haphazard snow removal. 

Secure Ice Melting Practices: Your location needs more than just a sprinkle of salt to keep the snow melted. Salt can become scarce as the winter drags on, so you need a service that has ample access to salt as well as additional deicing products to keep your walkways clear of ice that can cause slips and falls.

Poor Communication: When the snow arrives, you need to know that your snow service is on its way. Having a dedicated contact should be a non-negotiable part of your snow removal contract. You should have multiple ways to contact the company and they should be proactive, keeping you informed on a regular, agreed-upon basis of the status of their service. 

What Your Snow Removal Company Should Offer

In addition to a large fleet of equipment and highly trained crews to manage the snow removal process, your snow service should be in regular contact with you to update you as the snow is moved. Further, a snow removal company should provide the following:

State of the Art Salt Tracking: You are paying for the salt that is used to treat the snow and ice surrounding your commercial facility. Accurate tracking can save you quite a bit of money. You need a company that has a salt tracking system to assure you that the salt you were charged for is the salt they used.

High-Performance Deicing Agent: A high-performance deicing agent can stop snow and ice from bonding with the surfaces of your parking areas and walkways, keeping them free of ice. This can help prevent injury from falls. With this accelerated ice melt, the people who need to access the building can be comfortable entering and exiting at all times.

GPS Tracking: A GPS monitoring system can tell them where their trucks are at all times so that they can keep you apprised of accurate times for snow removal. 

Serving Westchester County, NY, commercial community since 1987, your landscape snow removal service can supply all your needs to keep your business up and running.


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