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Landscaping with a Naturalistic Aesthetic in Mind in Hopewell Junction, NY

Landscaping with a Naturalistic Aesthetic in Mind in Hopewell Junction NY

If a symmetrical and organized landscape doesn’t appeal to you, then consider planting a more naturalistic look in your Hopewell Junction, NY, backyard. While it might seem somewhat random in appearance, this look actually can be seen as a marriage of nature and art.

Advantages of Naturalistic Design

Many homeowners today want a landscape that requires less work than a traditional lawn that has a lot of grass to mow, opting instead for a much lower-maintenance approach. The emphasis is on utilizing natural and native plants that need less constant watering, less fertilizer, and fewer weeding sessions. 

Another aim of a naturalistic landscape is to provide ecosystems for plants and animals, such as birds, bees, and butterflies to flourish, essentially creating multiple habitats within the yard. Encouraging the animals to pollinate the plants by providing spaces for them to build habitats is a critical component of the success of a naturalistic landscape, as well.

Incorporating a Natural Aesthetic

Start with the Existing Landscape: Look carefully at your property. Is it flat? Hilly? Does it look soft or is it filled with definitive lines? The beginning of a naturalistic plan is to start with what already exists and build on that. Remove only the shrubs and trees and plants that will spread and mar the plan you have set for your land.

Reduce the Grassy Area: Think of the grassy areas as icing on the cake, with the cake being the natural areas filled with native plants and trees and rocks. One way to move in this direction is to expand the natural areas into the space where the lawn exists so that you are cutting down that space. 

Note the Plants: Look at your yard with fresh eyes, noting the plants that are already growing and thriving. This can be a great clue to the plants, trees, and flowers that grow well in your soil. If you are unsure of what type of plants these are, a landscape professional can help to identify them and suggest other varieties that will complement them and thrive, too. 

Walls and Walkways: The use of natural stone for walls and walkways can be a perfect addition to your landscape. Because this type of stone is naturally occurring, it can be a perfect choice for a retaining wall or stepping stones to connect one part of the landscape to the others. The colors that form as the rock is in the earth have neutral tones that blend well with the naturalistic surroundings. Boulders within the landscape bed can bring a focal point of height and texture. 

Eliminate Hard Edges: The naturalistic aesthetic does not have any harsh edges such as definitive landscape bed edges but instead makes heavy use of free flowing plants and blurred edges along with curving lines of beds and walls and walkways. 

Consult a Landscape Expert 

A trained landscape professional has the knowledge and tools to bring your naturalistic landscape vision to life. With over 25 years of planning and landscape design experience, their ideas will be customized to your unique property. Focused on bringing nature and lifestyle together, their aim is to bring both beauty and function to your Hopewell Junction, NY, yard. Let them transform your outdoor space into something extraordinary and unique.


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