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Licensing, Certification, and Other Things to Look for in a Lawn Fertilizer Service in Pleasant Valley, NY

Licensing Certification and Other Things to Look for in a Lawn Fertilizer Service in Pleasant Valley NY

Finding the right lawn care and fertilizer service for your Pleasant Valley, NY, property can be confusing, but there are certain things that can help to narrow your search. Here are some critical qualities to look for in a landscape service.  


Licensing should be one of the first things you require of a lawn service, as this can give you the confidence that the company has a long-term investment in the landscape industry. Attaining and maintaining licensing is a rigorous process that ensures the highest quality services for you as the client. It also means that their investment is not fly-by-night. They will be there for you in the future, too.


If a rock goes through your window or the backhoe accidentally crashes into your rock wall, you don’t want to pay for the repairs. Comprehensive insurance should be a non-negotiable for your lawn care service for the protection of their employees and your landscape. You can have true peace of mind knowing that if an accident happens, it will not be your responsibility. Accidents do sometimes happen when one undertakes a large landscape project or just a fertilizer/weed prevention service. 

Trade Organizations 

Membership in trade organizations is not a common practice among many landscape and fertilizer specialists because it is a big investment. Continually learning the newest technology, trends, and safety practices is not something that every landscape company values. When you find one that is committed to the long-term future of high standards in landscape service, this is the gold standard of service. 


When you have a problem in your landscape or with a company’s service, do they care? Having access to an actual person who can help remedy anything that you need can be an invaluable part of excellent customer service. Are they organized? Can you change your contract in a reasonable time? Do they have the technology for you to communicate with them in multiple ways? All of these combine to give you confidence that they care about you as a customer and are invested in your lawn care service and fertilization.

Invested in Sustainable Practices

Many homeowners today care about green results and the footprint that they leave on the land. Seek a landscape and fertilizer service who also cares about those things with each project that they undertake. Sustainability, native plants, and creative use of materials are the exception, and a company that values those is a rare gem. 


A company that will customize a lawn care and fertilizing contract to the unique needs of your landscape should be a priority. You want them to send trained, qualified lawn technicians to complete any service on your landscape, knowing that everything they do contributes to the growth of your lawn and plants and trees. Not only should this apply to the summer season of growth and maintenance, but also to the other four seasons where you want to look out on a beautiful yard. 

Protect the investment in your Pleasant Valley, NY, home and landscape with the best lawn care and fertilizer service available. Decades of successful business should tell you that a lawn care company cares about their customers, the landscape industry, and the success of the immediate community.  


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