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The 4 Aspects of Fertilization That Determine Its Success in Poughquag, NY

The 4 Aspects of Fertilization That Determine Its Success in Poughquag NY

It can be easy to think that once your Poughquag, NY, grass is growing and the landscape has been planted that nature will take care of everything. But this is not always the case. The right application of fertilizer can boost your grass growth and health. So, here are some critical things to know about feeding your yard.

What Is Fertilizer?

Like all living things, grass and plants are made up of cells inside of the plant that house processes that are critical to it staying alive and thriving. Those cells need food, which is normally found in the soil, but often the soil can become depleted of nutrients from years of growth. 

Fertilizer has been around since the Pilgrims used fish as fertilizer, but today fertilizer is more complex and specific to the plants it nourishes. Modern technology can allow fertilizer to be tailored to the type of plant or grass, aiming to bring greater success in growing. 

Fertilizer is composed of three nutrients that your grass needs: phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. Phosphorus encourages plant growth and fuels the ability to convert sunlight to energy for growing. Potassium helps grass weather pests, disease, and drought to produce higher quality grass. Nitrogen is perhaps the most important nutrient as it fuels the growth of the grass. Without sufficient nitrogen, the plant turns yellow and eventually dies. 

Think of fertilizer as the parts of a car being built in a factory. Without each part, there cannot be a car. Fertilizer is like this for plants. When one component is missing or not available in appropriate quantities, the plant cannot thrive. 

Fertilizer Applications to Boost Success 

Early Spring: In the early spring, treating your lawn with a pre-emergent weed control product can stop the weeds from germinating when the weather warms once more and the grass starts to grow. This application can be critical as stopping weeds before they start growing can lead to a thicker stand of grass without the headache of battling the weeds.

Early spring is also the time to give your grass the first application of fertilizer to provide nutrients for the fast growth that is about to occur. Think of this application as a shot in the arm for your landscape. 

Early Summer: Early summer fertilizer can prepare your lawn for the hot summer weather that is to follow. Remember that potassium is present to help your grass get through the hot days of summer successfully. Intended to nourish your lawn through the summer, this fertilizer treatment also supplements the food and energy  that the grass makes for itself.

Early Fall: The early fall treatment of fertilizer is intended to replenish the nutrients for your grass as the weather cools and your lawn has a final growing season. Once the fall weather arrives, most grass begins to grow once more after the hot August month, and this time the fertilizer is once again a shot in the arm for your landscape.

Late Fall: Late fall fertilizer gives your grass food to store for the dormant winter months when it is no longer growing but still needs food to stay alive. This can be a critical application of fertilizer to keep your grass healthy until the weather warms again. 

A landscape professional can answer all of the questions you have about fertilizing your Poughquag, NY, grass, along with a plan that is tailored to your unique landscape.


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