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The Ins and Outs of Irrigation Timing in Poughkeepsie, NY

The Ins and Outs of Irrigation Timing in Poughkeepsie NY

It can be easy when watering your Poughkeepsie, NY, lawn to think, If some is good, more must be better! However, this is not the case with keeping your grass hydrated. Here are the ins and outs of irrigation timing for ideal grass growth.

Potential Problems From Overwatering

Lawn Fungus: Lawn fungus can be identified by a 4-to-6 inch circular or irregular ring that looks dead. It can extend to the entire patch within the circle but most often stays in the circular pattern. Over-watering the grass can lead to a disruption of beneficial microbes and bacteria that keep the soil healthy while it stimulates the fungus spores to reproduce quickly. Repairing the damage can take up to a year since the soil must be replenished over time. 

Brown Patch: Brown patches of dead grass can happen when the weather turns quickly from cool, wet weather to hot, dry weather. The abrupt shift from humid weather to dry can cause a homeowner to assume that the best thing to do is water often to keep the grass growing. However, too much water, too often, can result in brown patches.

Dog Urine: While we love our canine friends, they can urinate in the same places over and over, causing the grass to die. Perhaps consider blocking off the area to let the grass recover until it is healthier. Taking your dog outside of the yard on walks can also give your landscape a rest.

The Finer Points of Watering 

Water Early in the Morning: Watering early in the morning before the sun comes up can ensure that your lawn has time to absorb the moisture before the sun burns it off. You also want your lawn to dry before nightfall as this moisture left on the blades can invite fungus to set in. There also tends to be less wind and cooler temperatures very early in the morning, which can be a bonus for absorption, too.

Water Deeply: A general rule can be that your lawn needs at least 1 inch of water in the spring one day per week, the same amount of water 3 days per week in the heat of summer, and 1 day per week once the fall arrives with the cooler temperatures. If you can easily stick a screwdriver into the soil, then you are watering enough. 

Focus Your Water: We can all be guilty of setting the sprinkler system and forgetting about it, assuming that it will water what we want it to. However, sometimes the sprinkler heads become adjusted away from watering the grass and we end up watering the sidewalk, driveway, and even the street. When the water is not actually penetrating the soil and grass, you are obviously not helping your landscape, but more importantly, you are wasting water and money because it is going to the wrong place. Check your sprinklers once per week to ensure that the water is reaching the grass. 

Enlist a Landscape Professional

A qualified landscape professional can keep your Poughkeepsie, NY, lawn looking amazing even in the hottest summer temperatures. Their goal is to keep your landscape beautiful while helping you to conserve water and reduce water consumption. If at any time your sprinkler system does not work properly, an experienced technician will come out, diagnose the problem, and repair them to keep your landscape at maximum beauty. 


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