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Tick and Mosquito Control as Part of Commercial Maintenance in Westchester County, NY

Tick and Mosquito Control as Part of Commercial Maintenance in Westchester County NY

Tick and mosquito control might not be at the forefront of the landscape maintenance concerns for your Westchester County, NY, commercial location, but these pests can cause significant harm to those who are bitten. Here are some reasons to consider including tick and mosquito treatment in your maintenance contract.

Tick Borne Diseases

Lyme Disease: The most commonly recognized tick disease is Lyme disease. Transmitted through the bite of a tick, Lyme disease can cause fever, headache, a tell-tale rash, and even migraines. Left untreated, the disease can spread to the joints, nervous system, and heart. When not treated right away, Lyme disease can bring a lifetime of complicated physical symptoms.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: This potentially deadly disease is transmitted through a tick bite and can show symptoms of fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, and muscle pain. Unlike Lyme disease, at worst this disease can be deadly if left untreated. But even if treated, it can still result in amputated limbs due to complications.

Tick-borne Encephalitis: This tick bite can show symptoms that are similar to other bites, but it has a second stage which involves neurological issues, such as meningitis or encephalitis. 

Mosquito Borne Illnesses

West Nile Virus: People who are infected with this virus can experience fever, headache, body aches, and swollen glands. For those who have immune complications, it can become serious enough to be treated with IV therapy and respiratory support. 

Eastern Equine Encephalitis: This mosquito bite is more serious than others because it occurs rapidly with a fever, vomiting, and seizures.

Bee Stings

While bee stings are certainly annoying, for some people they can be life-threatening. For those who are allergic to bee stings, the sting can result in the swelling of the throat, difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, and loss of consciousness. This can be a serious liability for your facility. 


Believe it or not, but your commercial landscape can be a breeding ground for fleas. While difficult to spot, they can lay up to 50 eggs per day in moist grass. People can walk through the grass and then take the fleas into the buildings they enter. 

How Your Landscape Professional Can Help

Your Westchester County, NY, landscape lawn and landscaping service understands that ticks, mosquitoes, bees, and fleas can negatively affect tenant and resident satisfaction with a commercial location. 

Most commercial spaces have areas that are designated for sitting outdoors. When residents, guests, and clients can move around the property without fear of bites from insects and ticks, this can be a positive move toward satisfaction and long-term tenant commitment.

Over 30 years of landscape experience means that you will get the benefit of decades of pest control expertise with your Westchester County, NY, service. Delivering quality services with responsive service times, they are your go-to for commercial landscape pest control. 

Trained extensively in lawn care applications, landscape design and installation, and plant health care, they stay abreast of the latest trends and technology in the landscape industry. They always work hard to utilize environmentally-sound practices to enlarge the usable area of your commercial property and to increase its aesthetic and financial value. They are always taking pains to preserve the beauty that nature put there in the first place.

They can remedy any Westchester County, NY, commercial landscape pest problems with a customized treatment plan.


If you need Tick and Mosquito Control in the Westchester County area, please call us today at 845-463-4400 or complete our online request form.