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Weed Control and 3 Other Reasons to Invest in Lawn Treatment in Wappingers Falls, NY

Weed Control and 3 Other Reasons to Invest in Lawn Treatment in Wappingers Falls NY

Even the best kept Wappingers Falls, NY, lawns can fall prey to disease and pest infestation. Lawn treatment options can be confusing, but investing in weed control and fertilizer should be a regular part of caring for your lawn.

Possible Lawn Problems

In a perfect world, a well-tended lawn would thrive and stay lush, but in the real world the battle against lawn fungus, disease, and pests is very real. During the hot, long summer days is the time when your lawn becomes stressed. And when it is stressed, it is susceptible to problems. 

When the weather is excessively wet for extended periods of time is also a problematic time for lawn issues to develop. Mold and fungus thrive in the wet conditions of your yard. Both the hot and wet conditions can deplete the soil of necessary nutrients for plant health. In these conditions, so soil problems are common. 

Improper mowing height can leave the roots of the grass vulnerable to the hot rays of the sun and to an infestation of pests and weeds. Here are some ways to combat those problems that can wreck your carefully tended lawn. 

Benefits of Lawn Fertilizer

Applying lawn fertilizer can be tricky because too much can burn the grass and too little does nothing to help. The type and amount of fertilizer to be used is based on the condition of the soil and the type of grass in your yard. 

Fertilizer gives your grass three nutrients that can be missing in various amounts, causing your grass to suffer. Nitrogen is the nutrient that is typically most needed, and its function is to help the plant form protein, which in turn ensures health for the grass as it forms. Potassium is necessary for disease resistance and root formation. It also aids the grass in extreme weather conditions when it is very hot, cold, or wet. Phosphorus allows the plant to store and use energy. 

The big three of fertilizer nutrients are critical to lawn care and overall health. 

Weed Control

One of the big problems with weeds is that they germinate before you even know you have them. Common weeds like crabgrass, plantain, and dandelions can overtake your grass and leave you with a patchy, weed-filled yard. 

Pre-emergent herbicides can form a barrier over the soil to prevent these weeds from germinating, but some weeds need more targeted prevention. Post-emergent herbicides attack the weeds that have already begun to grow. Choosing the right weed control product requires an understanding of the weed and its growth pattern.

Lawn weed control and correct feeding can be confusing and sometimes downright frustrating, especially if you think you are doing all the right things but still have problems with your grass. This could be when you need to consult with a professional.

The Professional Touch

When you want a beautiful lawn but have grown tired of the constant attention it requires, this can be when a professional turf expert can make your life easier. You can stop hauling fertilizer bags around the yard and fretting over what type of weeds you need to treat. Leave the mowing to them. Their decades of experience in preventing weeds and other pests from attacking your Wappingers Falls, NY, lawn can be the help you need for a gorgeous, lush stand of grass. 


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