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What a Lawn Fertilizer Service Will Focus on in Late Fall in Hopewell Junction, NY

What a Lawn Fertilizer Service Will Focus on in Late Fall in Hopewell Junction NY

When your Hopewell Junction, NY, lawn is a priority for you, keeping up with any amendments and fertilizers to prepare your fall lawn for winter can take time. Here are some ways that a lawn fertilizer service can help to relieve that chore on your list.

How Lawn Fertilizer Works

Fertilizer works to encourage the health and growth of your grass by providing nutrition that it cannot make itself in the dormant season. It provides nutrients in the growing season that become depleted in winter. All fertilizer is made up of three nutrients: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. 

Nitrogen promotes healthy growth of the blade by enabling the production of chlorophyll, which is the chemical essential to photosynthesis (the process by which the grass produces food for itself). Potassium gives your grass strength to resist drought and disease. Phosphorus is necessary for the healthy formation of roots and stems.

In the right ratios for your specific type of grass, fertilizer can encourage vigorous growth and healthy roots. In the wrong ratios, or if too much is applied, it can burn your grass. This is why it is important to understand how fertilizer works and how much to apply to your lawn and when.

Why to Apply Fertilizer

Most of the nutrients your lawn will get come from the soil, and soils can easily become depleted of the correct amount of nutrients that grass needs to flourish. Fertilizer helps to replenish these nutrients so that they are readily available to be used by your grass. When grass is not healthy, it can be prone to disease and pests, which can further contribute to poor lawn health. 

When to Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizer should be applied in the early spring to encourage thriving grass growth as the growing season begins after a dormant winter. Your lawn needs extra nutrients to give it a boost for the upcoming spring and summer. An early summer application can replenish the nutrients that the grass used to start growing once more. 

After a hot and sometimes dry summer, your grass can be stressed. It needs extra nutrition to finish out the growing season as the fall cools the air and earth. The grass has one more opportunity for growth. This encourages a rich looking autumn lawn. A late fall fertilization can help your lawn stay healthy during the dormant winter months when it cannot make its own food. 

What an Expert Lawn Fertilization Service Can Do

Your Hopewell Junction, NY, lawn fertilization service can take care of any fertilization needs you have to keep your lawn in tip-top shape, no matter the season. When you no longer have to haul fertilizer bags around to fill the spreader, your time is freed up for more enjoyable activities. 

They offer a 5-Step or 6-Step lawn care program to take the work out of fertilization and weed control for your grass. Starting in the spring with an application of pre-emergent weed control to kill the weeds before they germinate, and continuing into the summer and late fall, they have the skilled technicians and precise nutrition your lawn needs to stay gorgeous all year long. 

With over 30 years of service experience, dedication to outstanding customer service, and continuing education, your lawn care fertilization service can bring the specialized care that your Hopewell Junction, NY, lawn needs to bring out the best in your landscape. 


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