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When Is the Best Time to Plant Trees in Your Landscaping in Westchester County, NY?

When Is the Best Time to Plant Trees in Your Landscaping in Westchester County NY

Trees can be a costly investment in your Westchester County, NY, landscape, and you want to plant them at the ideal time to grow strong roots and thrive. How do you know when is the best time to plant them? Your local landscape service has the advice you need to grow healthy trees. 

Planting in the Fall

Some landscape experts claim that fall is the best time to plant trees. There are several reasons for this. In the fall, trees can grow strong roots without having to feed the leaves. This can allow the most vigorous growth and food to go to the roots, which sustain the tree.

Water requirements are much lower because of the cooler temperatures. When the tree has a chance to grow roots in the fall when the ground is cooler, it has more food and nutrients from the soil available than when the warmer weather of spring rolls around and it begins to grow leaves, which need the food, too. 

Trees can grow best in cool soil. This can allow them to soak up the water and nutrients and store it for the winter. It doesn’t need as much food because it doesn’t grow in the winter. When it does need the food and water in the growing season, the roots are ready to sustain the tree. 

Planting in the Spring

Other experts say that planting a tree in the spring is the best since it has time to grow all spring, summer, and fall before the harsh cold of winter arrives. Remember, though, that the roots support the entire tree—the trunk, branches, and leaves. This means that the roots have to collect enough water and nutrients to sustain the entire tree throughout the growing season. Most of the work occurs under the ground where we cannot see. 

If a tree doesn’t have enough water and food, it will begin to drop leaves and slow its growth. Additionally, the hot weather can be taxing to the tree and cause a further slowing of growth. 

Correct Care is Key

For any tree, or plant, caring for the new growth is critical to the success of the plant. There are some things the tree must have in order to thrive.

Water: Enough water in the first six months of the planting is essential for the tree roots to take hold and grow. This sustains the tree whether it is facing a hot summer or cold winter.

Mulch: A thick layer of mulch can protect the tree roots from the hot summer sun or the cold winter rain and snow. This serves to hold in the moisture that the tree needs to survive. 

Food: Trees also need to be fertilized and cared for to flourish. It can be easy to think that once a tree is planted, it no longer needs attention. But this is not true. Trees need the same attention you give to the other parts of your landscape to be the gorgeous centerpieces you want. 

How an Expert Can Help

Your Westchester County, NY, landscape service has the answers to all of your tree planting questions. They know that regular maintenance and attention to your trees and landscape can create the beauty that you want in your yard. Their trained professionals can help you keep your trees looking their best, no matter the season. 


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