3 Considerations When Planning Walkways for Your Lagrangeville, NY Landscaping

Often overlooked, walkways play a major role in the overall effect of your landscaping and will ultimately either enhance or diminish the aesthetic and enjoyment of your property. While discussing potential designs and features for your home’s walkways in Lagrangeville, NY with a professional landscape designer, remember to consider the location and purpose of the spaces being linked. Here are some pointers.

Front Walkways

As guests arrive at your home, the front walkway creates a first impression. As such, it should complement the architecture of the home while providing efficient entry. For instance, a meandering, rustic walkway would look out of place paired with a modern home. In addition, the walkway should progress quickly without too many curves toward the home’s entry. Guests want a direct path to the front door and may cut across your lawn to get it. While discussing the details, ensure that the width of your future walkway is appropriate for your purposes.

3 Considerations When Planning Walkways for Your Lagrangeville, NY Landscaping

Backyard Walkways

Form should reflect function for your backyard walkway plans. If your goal is to provide a walking path to specific areas in your backyard, like a gazebo, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen, the walkway should be straightforward to allow quick and easy accessibility.  However, if the purpose of the walkway is to provide a safe path for a meandering walk through the scenery and highlight attractive features in your landscaping, a curved or winding walkway through the property may be more appropriate.

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A professional perspective can help you determine which works best for you and your property. How do you typically enjoy your backyard? Do you entertain quite often? Are there specific areas of the backyard more frequently visited? These are important questions to ask as you consider how to section off your yard and design your walkway.

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Practical Concerns

While consulting your landscaper, consider the practical elements of your design, as well as your chosen materials. Appropriate outdoor lighting will make a difference in the aesthetic as well as the safety of your walkway, as will the materials ultimately chosen. While the range of materials to choose from is vast, it can be narrowed down by the requirements of the property, aesthetic and architectural features of the home, and your own individual taste.

Brick or concrete brick-style pavers, for example, are an excellent option for face brick and traditional homes. The scope of laying patterns available for these paver provide design freedom and further contribute to a range of different aesthetics. The material itself is durable, even in colder climates, making it a popular choice for Lagrangeville and New York State in general.

Another popular option for walkways are concrete cobblestone-style pavers. This option provides a versatility that encompasses all sorts of designs from the very simple to complex ornamental arrangements.  When aesthetics are the priority, this choice should be on the short list. Despite its incredible aesthetic appeal, cobblestone walkways are also an excellent choice for durability and longevity.