3 Tips for Hiring a Lawn Fertilizer Service in the Wappingers Falls, NY Area

If knowing when to fertilize your Wappingers Falls, NY, lawn and which type of fertilizer to use has left you scratching your head, you are not alone. Here are some tips for offloading this mental task by hiring a lawn fertilizer service.

Know What Your Lawn Needs

3 Tips for Hiring a Lawn Fertilizer Service in the Wappingers Falls, NY Area

If you drive by homes and think to yourself, “I wish my lawn looked like that one, lush and healthy!” you probably need to fertilize. Because the nutrients in grass are water soluble and washed away with the rain or leeched from the soil by the grass, you need to add nutrients to the soil through fertilizer. 

Fertilizer is composed of three nutrients. Potassium gives your grass strength and helps it through the hot, dry parts of summer. Nitrogen promotes healthy blade growth by encouraging the grass to produce chlorophyll, which is vital to provide food for the grass. Phosphorus promotes healthy roots for your grass. Working together, these three nutrients encourage healthy growth. 

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Ask About When Your Lawn Needs Fertilizing

A fertilizer program can help you cover the bases regarding cultivating a healthy, lush lawn. There are five essential steps.

First, the application of weed killer will prevent weeds from germinating in the spring. You want to prevent broadleaf weeds, dandelions, and crabgrass among others. This is also the first application of fertilizer for your lawn, and it usually occurs in the very early spring. To know the right combination of fertilizer nutrients, you should have your soil tested for what is present so that the application can be amended correctly without burning the grass.

Second, there’s a need to apply grub control, which targets beetle larvae. These larvae can bring about the end of summer brown patches that you dread. 

Third, early summer fertilizer is essential for those new grass blades to be strong and healthy, causing them to green up at the right time. A lush, thick stand of grass can be the best deterrent to weeds as it leaves them no place to grow and spread. 

Fourth, early fall is another ideal time for a fertilizer application as the long, hot summer months take a toll on your grass. This can rejuvenate your fall lawn for a strong finish. 

Last, a late fall application of fertilizer gives the tender new grass roots and the established roots food for the winter. This is a critical treatment as the fall fertilizer application prepares your lawn for its big comeback in the spring. 

Find Out Why You Need Lawn Fertilizer Service

For a swoon-worthy lawn, do your homework as you seek out professionals to come up with a fertilizer plan. Investing in your lawn is the same as investing in the care and appearance of your home—it’s another way to make you proud to live there.

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A residential lawn maintenance service can customize a program that is ideal for your unique Wappingers Falls, NY, property. Each service will be performed by a well-trained, uniformed landscape professional who understands the needs of your lawn. In addition to the fertilizing services, they can dethatch your lawn, provide fall leaf cleanup, core aeration, and many other services that will have your yard looking so great that it will be the envy of the neighborhood.