Spring Is an Optimal Time for Lawn Fertilizer Service in Poughkeepsie, NY

Spring is a time of growth. Just as a child in the midst of a growth spurt requires adequate nutrition, your lawn needs its nutrients during its time of growth. Providing the right nutrients at the right time sets the stage for a healthy lawn. In a nutshell, spring is an optimal time for addressing the need for lawn fertilizer service in Poughkeepsie, NY. When the growth spurt commences, the lawn won’t meet its potential without the nutrition required.

A Critical Component for Growth

Spring Is an Optimal Time for Lawn Fertilizer Service in Poughkeepsie, NY

For your lawn to grow lush and beautiful, it will need sufficient water, sun, and nutrition. If any of these three elements are lacking, the lawn could suffer. For the first two, you can make sure that shaded areas are maintained more closely and that water is applied when droughts occur. For nutrition, it’s best to remember that growth and regular use can lessen the nutrients that your soil possesses. While you could wait years for the natural processes of decay and weed growth to reestablish nutrition within the soil, your neighbors may feel the need to object when they see how problematic your lawn appears.

Without fertilization, your lawn may not grow to its full potential and can become susceptible to all manner of pests and invasive weeds. Lawn fertilizer service provides ample nutrition for the lawn where you spend the bulk of summer time.

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Good Nutrition Offers Protection from Health-Threatening Forces

With appropriate levels of fertilization, your lawn is prepared to grow in a healthy manner. The resulting thick grass will resist seeds from weeds by preventing them from finding their way to the soil. Your lawn fertilizer service will likely pair with weed treatment. You’ll begin the growing season with the right nutrition and protection for your grass. The grass will also be resistant to the ill effects of fungus and insects because the system as a whole will be healthy, and with proper soil nutrition, the health of your lawn can be sustained even with the regular mowing and walking that it sustains.

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Timing Is Key

As any body builder or parent of a growing teenager understands, appetite reflects growth, and timing of nutrition is critical to appropriate development. Body builders eat on a schedule for maximum muscle development, and teenagers generally become bottomless pits just as their growth spurts begin. In the spring, around the time when soil temperatures reach 55 degrees and the grass begins to show brilliant greenery, the time for considering fertilizer needs has come. Providing nutrition at this critical period, and subsequently spaced periods during the growing season, will ensure that the grass grows quickly and healthily. When fertilizer is applied correctly, the roots below the surface and the blades above the surface benefit for the real health of the lawn—it’s not just about a surface or aesthetic lift. For the season-long health of your lawn, look into booking fertilizer service during the spring.

Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping deploys a multi-step fertilization service that involves treating the lawn for certain weeds before they have a chance to grow, controlling for grubs, and fertilizing at key moments.