4 Advantages of Installing a Retaining Wall for Your Hopewell Junction, NY, Property

A well-constructed retaining wall could give your Hopewell Junction, NY, landscape a unique look and ease some problematic issues of your property, such as uneven terrain or soil erosion. Here are the benefits of installing a retaining wall:

Structural Support

4 Advantages of Installing a Retaining Wall for Your Hopewell Junction, NY, Property

From a practical standpoint, retaining walls are usually added to a property to provide structural support. Retaining walls keep the soil in place and are mostly used in landscapes that feature small hills. The walls are a necessary barrier to prevent the soil from sliding forward. This is vital for wet weather because rain can exacerbate soil degradation. A retaining wall is a safety feature for your backyard, house, and family.

Regardless if it is due to wind or water, erosion is prevalent in any landscape, especially if your landscape doesn’t have a lot of trees and shrubs to hold the soil in place. Retaining walls have an important role in preventing erosion, because of two reasons. Retaining walls not only hold the soil in place but also reduce surface runoff by reducing sharper gradients. Therefore, the speed at which water travels over the surface is significantly reduced, which reduces erosion.

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Effective Flood Control

Aside from these practical benefits, retaining walls also provide adequate flood control. Prevent flooding with excellent water drainage by integrating channels and drainage pipes into the construction of your retaining wall. Similar benefits can occur with the terracing effect provided by a retaining wall, as the structure helps reduce the gradient. As a result, the water soaks into the soil instead of running off the surface.

All of these advantages are not attainable without an adequately installed retaining wall. Building a retaining wall is a complicated matter, so it is essential to have a knowledgeable, experienced team to do the excavation process and take proper drainage measures.

Expanding Usable Land

The positioning of your retaining wall is crucial for the amount of usable land you will be left with. It is not a secret that sloppy or hilly properties or yards with ditches and ridges are a challenge when it comes to creating an attractive and safe landscape. To create more usable space, a retaining wall is a viable solution. By replacing slopes with terracing and creating levels, your landscape contractor can create new space for plantings, or even a patio and steps. This will not only significantly increase the usable space in your backyard, but also improve the look of your property and its curb appeal.

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Adding Aesthetics

Although retaining walls are recommended by landscape designers mainly for practical reasons, a wall can be a beautiful focal point. Ideally, you will want to work with experts who consider the aesthetic side of the retaining wall design.

At Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping, Inc.,we can design a retaining wall that will not only last for years to come but one that will look like it has always belonged on your property. It can be made to complement existing stonework and structures, and offer a visual contribution to the landscape.