Choosing the Right Type of Retaining Wall for Your Property in Westchester County, NY

There are many reasons you may want to add a retaining wall to your landscape. A new retaining could correct the water runoff from your property going into your neighbor’s yard, or it could simply add visual interest to your landscape design. How do you choose the right type of retaining wall for your Westchester County, NY, property?

Load-Bearing Retaining Wall

Retaining walls have varying purposes, but the most familiar one is to reduce erosion and water runoff from a sloping yard. Most yards have uneven areas, but the sloping terrain that sends water running toward your home and into your neighbor’s yard creates a mess that needs to be resolved. The retaining wall acts as a barrier to keep the soil in place while redirecting the rain water in a storm. Because this type of wall frequently must be high, engaging a professional landscape contractor can be the best choice for a wall that functions as it should.

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Tiered Retaining Wall

Choosing the Right Type of Retaining Wall for Your Property in Westchester County, NY

Some yards have more than one hill, which reduces the usable space for a patio, outdoor kitchen, or play area for the kids. A retaining wall can convert those Westchester County, NY, hills into graduated tiers, allowing you to optimize the use of each section. A play area could inhabit the topmost tier while another tier could be used for a flower or vegetable garden. At the base could lie a patio that adjoins the house, giving you a place to enjoy a fun evening visiting with friends and family as the kids play. Adding steps in the middle provides access to all of the once difficult-to-use landscape.

Landscape Retaining Wall

Some landscapes could go from simply pretty to “Wow!” with the addition of low retaining walls, especially in front yards where they would receive the most attention. A low retaining wall could provide texture and visual interest to the terrain of your yard. Bringing defined lines into an otherwise flowing picture, a low wall would provide a clear cut-off point for an expanse of grass, contrasted by the texture of the wall stones. A low landscape wall can be designed to draw attention to a focal point, like a massive, gorgeous tree or a grouping of colorful rose bushes. Even planting a row of low shrubs on the top of the wall can bring symmetry to the look of the yard.

A low retaining wall does not have to be one continuous wall. You may opt to add a gate to create the sense of something special waiting on the other side. The options are endless!

Any retaining wall can benefit from recessed lighting to bring focus and warmth to your landscape after dark. Retaining walls that border the entry to the driveway are a perfect spot for pillars with lanterns to help your guests locate your home with ease.

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Landscape experts can evaluate your yard to propose the design that will bring you the most effortless use and beauty. They can suggest the type of shrubs and plantings that would maximize your home’s curb appeal as well as the views you see from your windows.