4 Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Area Designs to Improve your Westchester County, NY, Backyard Landscaping

Fire pits and fireplaces are popular areas during summer evenings. If you’re looking to enhance your Westchester County, NY, landscape design, we have some ideas for adding extra functionality and aesthetic appeal to your fire pit or fireplace seating area.

Seating Areas

Adequate seating is crucial when designing a fire pit or fireplace area in your backyard. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a large amount of seating is by surrounding your fire pit with a seat wall. A seat wall is not as tall as a traditional wall, so it doesn't completely separate your fire pit or fireplace from the rest of the property. It can also be installed with a backing for comfort. You have a few options when choosing materials for your seat wall. These choices include natural stone, concrete wall units, and more. Bullnose stone or concrete coping can also be utilized to produce a gentle, curved edge for comfortable seating. For added comfort, include cushions and pillows.

Showcasing Your Fire Pit With Stairs

Enclosure and coziness go hand in hand. If you’re looking for a more enclosed design than just a seat wall, there are some other design elements you can consider. If a seat wall is part of your design, consider adding privacy by having a built-in planter incorporated into the top of the seat wall. Shrubs or flowers can be planted therein to add extra height and privacy to the seating area. If a seat wall is absent from your design, pillars are also a subtle way to create an enclosure around your fire pit or fireplace. Since fire pit festivities usually occur at night, you can have light fixtures installed on top of these pillars to keep the area lit for safety and ambience.

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Added Functionality With Fire Pit Attachments

Functionality is also a very important factor to consider when designing your fire pit or fireplace area. For those who love to enjoy summer nights roasting s’mores with the kids, there are some handy attachments that might be of use. For example, a grill insert can be included in your fire pit design to simplify this activity. A second attachment can be added for homeowners who struggle with sudden changes in wind direction. This can cause smoke to become troublesome. A smokeless insert for your fire pit can eliminate this issue. This redirects the smoke back through the flames which greatly diminishes the inconvenience caused by smoke. To avoid dealing with smoke entirely, it’s best to choose a full fireplace which channels the smoke overhead using a chimney.

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Especially Luxurious Pre-Built Fireplace Design Ideas

4 Beautiful Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Area Designs to Improve your Westchester County, NY, Backyard Landscaping

Aside from funneling smoke overhead, pre-built fireplaces can bring an added air of luxury to your backyard space. Pre-built outdoor fireplaces are freestanding, but can be integrated into a wall or covering design. They can be placed at the edge of your patio and come in various heights. For the ultimate backyard fireplace design, choose a pre-built fireplace. A taller fireplace makes it possible to place a pavilion in front of the fireplace. The chimney will be tall enough to carry the smoke over the pavillion. You now have a covered living area centered around your beautiful pre-built fireplace. Since the outdoor living space is sheltered by the pavillion, it is safe to enhance the area with comfortable furniture or even a TV. The possibilities are endless!