Best Patio Bar Ideas for Summer Entertaining in Lagrangeville, NY

Nothing says summer entertaining in Lagrangeville, NY, like a patio bar of your own. Whether a simple pop-up or a permanent patio wet bar, nothing beats a cold and delicious drink on a hot summer day in your own backyard. Here are a few of the best patio bar ideas to get your summer started!

Modern and Luxurious

Best Patio Bar Ideas for Summer Entertaining in Lagrangeville, NY  

Nothing says luxury like a modern patio bar equipped with every comfort and amenity. Adding some features typically reserved for an outdoor kitchen, such as a sink, grill, fireplace, mini-fridge, and adequate storage and counter space really creates a luxurious wet bar experience. An outdoor patio bar should be a kind of vacation from life inside the home. The best patio bars work with, and seamlessly blend with, the existing décor of the home. This does not mean that there is not room for personal touches that make the bar its own. With the expertise of a Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping professional, choosing the right lush plants, the most complementary sleek and modern materials like stainless steel or marble, and the most flattering built-in LED lighting can work to blend with any home décor, while creating a truly luxurious patio bar experience.


A rustic outdoor bar is a great way to create a relaxing, charming, and wholly welcoming space. The touch of natural wood, like teak or cedar, and the more interesting textures of natural stone are great ways to incorporate elements of the surrounding natural environment. A rustic outdoor bar is a great way to blend the indoors with the outdoors. To achieve a truly rustic look, repurposing certain items in unique ways, like using old wine crates to make bar stools, can be a fun and charming way to achieve the right look and feel. Rustic begs for personal and unique touches. If you’re not sure what to do with those strange hand-me-down antiques in the attic, perhaps they’ll make a great addition to your patio bar. For a weatherproof patio bar, consider tucking the bar neatly beneath an already roofed portion of your patio. Otherwise, a pergola or awning is a great way to define your space, keep everybody dry in the rain, and everybody well-shaded in the sun.

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Simple and Classic Mini bar

If space is limited, or if you don’t plan on entertaining large groups, a simple, mini bar might fit better with your lifestyle. A simple mini bar is large enough to accomodate a couple bar stools, an umbrella, and a mini-fridge. This way, you can still have the fun and convenience of an outdoor bar, without it taking up too much space. With that said, a simple mini bar can really be as self-contained as you like. Compartments for cooling drinks, shelving for storage, and even a tiny sink can be included to suit your particular needs. The best outdoor mini bars make full use of any available space, and are fully functional while remaining stylish. Most importantly, despite their size, outdoor mini bars are made of weatherproof material, making them just as hard-wearing as their full-size counterparts. 

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