4 Commercial Landscaping Trends to Improve Your Corporate Image in Hudson Valley, NY

Some commercial property owners may not have time to give much thought to the exterior appearance of their property. They understandably have other priorities, like running a business, on their minds. However, one of the best ways to attract customers is by investing in modern commercial landscaping. What you show visitors, customers, and employees affects how they view your company and how you do business. Here are four landscaping trends that could improve your corporate image in Hudson Valley, NY:

Retaining Walls

4 Commercial Landscaping Trends to Improve Your Corporate Image in Hudson Valley, NY

To give your business entrance some depth and volume, consider having retaining walls installed. If your establishment is on a slope, preventing you from having a more traditional landscaped aesthetic for your office building or real estate property, you could opt for a layered wall system that lets you cut into the grade. A natural stone retaining wall could complement the appearance of the rest of your property.  

Retaining walls not only add aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your establishment but could also increase the value of your property and prevent negative effects from flooding like erosion. Once they are installed, retailing walls are known for being low maintenance—simple upkeep may be all that is required. Moreover, retaining walls made with quality materials can withstand rough weather conditions, meaning that they usually do not require frequent repairs.

Once they are in place, the walls could be further embellished with attention-grabbing and space-saving vertical gardens.

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Water Features

Water features would introduce texture, sound, and movement to your landscaping. Investing in water features makes your landscape more natural and unique. In fact, a pondless water feature could make an unparalleled statement about your commercial property, and give visitors something to stop and admire as they enter your building.

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Plants Around Signage

A physical storefront needs permanent signage that lets prospective customers know what you do and what your business is all about. If your business is well-established, you might already have a permanent sign. All you need now is to choose some plants that will work well with the signage.

Does the signage have a modern and clean design? In this case, you should choose plants that have a similarly sleek look. You will also want to seek out strong landscaping elements that complement rather than dwarf your sign. In other words, when picking out plants and figuring out where to put them, consideration should be given to the visibility to any signs nearby and how the plants will grow. A landscaping expert will help you think this through, to make the right planting choices and placement.

Landscape Lighting

Your business is visible during the day because natural light makes the signage easy to read and walkways easy to follow. This visibility disappears when the sun sets, which makes landscape lighting a necessity for businesses that want to remain visible even in the evenings. It’s also a safety and security issue: Installing outdoor lights can minimize tripping and minimize the likelihood of vandalism occurring at night.

Customers or tenants get affirmation of the quality of your business from the way you maintain your property. When you do not skimp on the visible details, prospective customers are led to believe that you are just as meticulous in the way that you carry out your business.