4 Essential Weed Killer Tips for the Fall

Only a weed-free yard grows luscious grass, plants, and herbs. Ongoing quality maintenance will keep stubborn weeds at bay while promoting the beauty of your Hopewell Junction, NY, landscape. Sometimes, your landscape may need weed killer for a more effective and immediate intervention.

When it comes to gardening, fall is planning season as it’s the ideal time to prepare the lawn for spring, whether that means planting bulbs for next year’s flowers or applying weed killer to eliminate unwanted growth now. These tips will help you know how your yard can be finally clean of weeds.

Start Early

If you notice different types of weeds taking over your yard, the sooner you put a plan in place to fight back, the better. Inadvertently cultivating mature weeds (those that overgrow if attempts to remove are not implemented) or allowing hardy, perennial weeds to fester could be harming the aesthetics of your landscape, and these weeds can quickly get out of control if they’re not addressed.

Since fall is the perfect season for having your yard cleaned up, it’s also an opportune time to relieve it of suffocating weeds. Some weeds are very time-sensitive. For example, a weed that dies in the fall could have seeds that germinate in spring, so taking proper measures during this season can be crucial for year-round weed prevention. Also, during the fall, weeds are more absorbing, so by using the right type of formula to kill them, they are more likely to be eliminated. The best way to prevent weeds from happening at all is to keep a healthy lawn with nutrient-rich soil.

4 Essential Weed Killer Tips for the Fall

Enroll in a Quality Fertilization Program

Keeping your grass healthy is one of the best ways to prevent weed growth, so consider giving the lawn its biggest defense mechanism—fertilization. If properly carried out, by knowledgeable professionals, fertilization will strengthen the roots of the grass, disabling the weeds’ ability to germinate.

Different fertilization techniques work for different types of soil and grass, so it is necessary to test and evaluate the soil in your yard before starting the process. Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. provides clients with premium lawn care service and high-quality fertilization through the All Lehigh 6 Step Fertilizer and Premium 5 Step Lawn Fertilization Program.

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Proper Equipment Makes a Difference

Successful weed removal also depends on the type of equipment used. Weed patches may need a different kind of attack than a bigger surface full of weeds for the best results. Regular, high-quality lawn maintenance services use the right equipment so that homeowners can be confident they will have a healthy garden year-round.

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Professional, Consistent Services  

Choosing and applying the right weed killer can depend on the condition of your landscape and the types of softscapes you have in place. You don’t want one part of your yard sacrificed for another. The treatment applied depends on the type of grass, type of weed, weather conditions, irrigation, and many other things that can all affect the efficiency of the process. Experts know just what is needed to keep your lawn and its surrounding softscapes safe and beautiful—and free of weeds.

Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. offers you an entire team of people with years of acquired knowledge and experience that can recognize the right type of weed, and propose and execute an adequate solution for its elimination.