Selecting Pavers for Driveway Edging in Pleasant Valley, NY

The importance of quality driveway pavers goes beyond the driveway itself. When set up correctly, edging protects driveway ends from crumbling, prevents rainwater from washing mulch away, and brings an interesting dimension to Pleasant Valley, NY, homes. With so many options available in the market, the experts at Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping Inc. can help you narrow down the choices for a practical, long-lasting, and visually appealing driveway.

Selecting Pavers for Driveway Edging in Pleasant Valley, NY

Select the Right Style

Driveway edging, just as the driveway itself, is a functional part of the home. The pattern, style, and shape of the bordering pavers should correlate to the overall aesthetics of the front entrance and surrounding hardscapes.

Before choosing the color, shape, and laying pattern, consider the architectural style of the home as well as the style of the driveway. The perfect driveway bordering paver can resemble anything from rustic and traditional to bohemian, contemporary, or mid-century modern.

Selecting the right style of the edging paver is important for bringing a nice “closure” to the overall driveway design. So, if the driveway showcases modern simplicity, with sleek lines and sophisticated colors, choosing an edging paver that re-creates the old-world look might not be the best choice. However, there are exceptions to every rule—adding a glimpse of tradition to a modern driveway could turn it into a unique and appealing piece of hardscape.

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Select the Right Texture

The texture of the bordering pavers is one of the main aspects of the material that could leave an impression on your visitors. You may want to choose a driveway edging paver that complements the existing texture of the driveway. For example, a lining paver with a stunning rugged surface could enhance the timeless warmth of the primary driveway paver. Textured pavers like cobblestones generally work better in a traditional landscape setting, by tying the entire property together.

Select the Right Color

The first thing visitors are likely to notice is the balance of colors. A striking color adds an incredible impact to the overall look of the driveway. Frame your driveway with one of a couple of different sets of pavers that will not only create a distinction between the road and the home but add a unique and dynamic design. The color of the driveway edging depends on the architectural style of the house and driveway. The color option can complement or balance out the richness of the home and surrounding landscape. For vibrant, warm hues, you might choose a neutral shade to balance out the boldness.

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Select Durability and Endurance

From concrete pavers to natural stone, today’s driveway edging options seem limitless. Concrete pavers come as smooth, contemporary, or timeworn pavers that emulate the look of natural stone, cobblestone, and other materials. Concrete pavers can be exceptionally durable, especially the ones by Unilock. Unilock concrete pavers offer a blend of high-performing natural stones and fade-resistant color pigments.

Image courtesy of Unilock.