4 Ways Commercial Landscaping Can Increase the Value of Your Property in Westchester County, NY

If you are hesitant to make improvements to your Westchester County, NY, commercial landscape because you are not sure they are worth it, any enhancement is likely to significantly  increase the property value, and the effects can be timeless. While interior design trends change over time, expert commercial landscaping results in enduring beauty and functionality of your property.

Parking Lots

4 Ways Commercial Landscaping Can Increase the Value of Your Property in Westchester County, NY

The parking area is often the very first impression your clients have of your company. When they arrive to a parking lot that is well-maintained and not overrun with grass in pavement cracks and potholes, this creates a great impression of the care that you take with your grounds. Keeping the parking area free of leaves and grass clippings presents a clean slate for the ease of parking. 


When visitors must navigate broken and shifted pavement to enter the building, this is not only a hazard that can cause injury but also a poor impression for your company. Walkways that are overgrown with grass and weeds present the appearance that the safety and well-being of your clients or employees does not matter to you. 

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When you have a walkway wide enough for several people to walk comfortably side by side, your clients can discuss an impending meeting without the irritation of stepping carefully over the cracked pavement. A walkway with landscape paving stones set in a pleasing pattern and bordered by a complementary stone brings easy access into your building and can help set the right tone as business interactions get underway. 

Plants and Trees

Too often companies do not pay attention to the shrubs that line the sidewalk that leads into a building, causing visitors to have to dodge the overgrown bushes in order to enter the business location. 

In a thoughtfully planned landscape, there are trees for shade from the hot sun and also trees that are simply meant to add beauty. Keeping the bushes trimmed that flank the sidewalk means that your clients can arrive to an appointment without having to brush off the leaves from navigating the sidewalk. Fresh mulch or pine needles in the landscape beds and around trees can do wonders to create a cohesive look to your commercial landscape. 

Keeping seasonal flowers in the landscape beds means that your landscape reflects the beauty that comes with each time of the year.  

Special Features

Special features can really make your commercial property stand out. Consider adding a water fountain or water wall for the soothing drama that a water feature brings to any landscape. Water has been proven to bring peace and calm to harried workers and it can also help to set the tone for a productive meeting. Enlarge the surrounding wall of a fountain and you have provided a spot for your clients to sit and prepare for the meetings ahead. 

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Another way to incorporate beauty into the landscape is with large colorful pots that spill over with lush greenery and flowers. Flowers have a way of making people happy, and this effect can impact your business interactions, as well.

Stop hesitating on the improvements your Westchester County, NY, commercial landscape needs and choose an expert landscape company that can exceed your expectations every step of the way.