Top 4 Lawn Treatment Products for Your Lagrangeville, NY, Yard

When your Lagrangeville, NY, lawn is a source of pride for you, with its lush green grass and healthy plants, you know that great care is the backbone of a thriving landscape. There are specific lawn treatment products and services that help your yard looks its best. 

Weed Control

Top 4 Lawn Treatment Products for Your Lagrangeville, NY, Yard

Even though your lawn is thick and green, weeds always threaten to invade and cause your landscape to be overrun with these pesky growths. Taking care to combat the weeds before they sprout is the key to keeping weeds under control. An application of pre-emergent weed killer can keep broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, and dandelions from wrecking your lawn. In the fall, a post-emergent weed killer eliminates any weeds that have popped up, keeping them from dropping their seeds on your lawn to sprout when the warm weather of spring returns. 

Pest Control

Pests can make a mess of your lawn. Grubs are a serious threat to the tender roots of the grass. The larvae of Japanese and other beetles, grubs are found under the grass cover. When the spring rolls around, they may begin feeding on the roots of your lawn. As they mature, they could emerge from the ground to feed on your flowers and trees. These beetles then lay more eggs under the soil to repeat the cycle. You will know you have grubs when sections of the lawn die and can be rolled up like a carpet. 

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Fire ants are a serious nuisance, both from their bites that become itchy and even produce allergic reactions to the fact that they seem to easily pop up in another location of the yard once one mound is treated. From the spring to the fall, fire ants produce colonies of thousands of stinging ants. They can form a new mound away from the old mound a few hours after the first mound is treated. 

Fertilization for Grass and Plants

Proper fertilization doesn’t just happen in the spring and in the fall. Your landscape has different nutritional needs at certain times of the year, and fertilizer supplies those needs. The nutrients your grass requires varies from location to location, and according to the time of year. Too much fertilizer can actually burn your grass. The pH levels of the soil determine how much of the phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium your lawn needs to thrive. Your lawn can become overly stressed with improper weed control and the wrong proportions of fertilizer. 

It is tempting to think that once the trees and shrubs are established that they will take care of themselves, but this is not so. Trees and shrubs need additional nourishment from fertilizer that is created with their nutritional needs in mind. Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy through regular feeding can help them stay healthy through the harsh winter months so that when spring arrives, they will be strong and ready to flourish.

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Care for the Cooler Months

The fall season is when you need to consider winter care for your landscape. Dethatching and core-aeration allow the sunlight and oxygen to reach the roots of the grass, as well as provide a clean slate for new grass to grow. The fall is the time to have the yard cleared of leaves and debris so that the winter weather does not destroy your grass and shrubs.