Benefits of Having Grub Control as Part of your Westchester County, NY, Lawn Fertilization Program

Everyone loves a lush and green lawn—including grubs. Grub damage is more common in Westchester County, NY, than any other kind of lawn damage. Grubs love to feed on the roots of grass. When damage is done to the roots of grass, the result is an ugly brown patch on your lawn. Grub infestation can easily get out of hand. It is important, therefore, to include grub control as part of your lawn fertilization regiment.

Prevention is Safer

Grub prevention requires a whole lot less of the potent active ingredients required eliminating an out of control grub infestation. Routine grub prevention treatment targets grubs when they are still quite small. Once grub eradication becomes necessary, grubs have already matured and become resilient to gentler preventative treatments, and, therefore, much more difficult to eradicate. This means that the application of stronger products is necessary. Those concerned with the ecosystem of their backyard might consider the far less dangerous option of regular grub prevention instead of risking hazardous grub eradication in the future.

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Your Lawn Will Thrive

Grubs not only love to eat the roots of grass, they also love the very same nutrients that grass require to thrive. Because grubs rob the grass of nutrients, and can do irreparable damage to a lawn’s root systems, the absence of grub control can result in a lawn littered with the brown and wilted patches that indicate grub activity. Additionally, local wildlife, including birds, raccoons, groundhogs and skunks, consider the grub a delicacy. These critters will not only be frequenting your lawn, but will make sure that they are thoroughly digging up your lawn for grubs, as well. If you want to ensure that your lawn continues to thrive, it is important to eliminate the very serious threat of grub damage.

Prevention Saves Money and Energy

Eradicating an out of control grub infestation is significantly more difficult, costly, and harmful, than a simple routine lawn treatment that includes grub control and prevention. When grubs become a serious problem and extreme measures must be taken, things can become costly. In to treatments, labor and maintenance will be necessary to refurbish the damaged lawn. Often, when dealing with a grub infestation, whole swaths of lawn must be removed and replaced. It is simple and inexpensive to include grub control prevention in your lawn fertilization routine. If you would like to spare yourself the headache, save money, and save energy, it is a good idea to talk to your Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping professional about grub control and prevention.

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Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

If your lawn is receiving routine lawn fertilization, grub control, and proper watering, there is no doubt that your lawn looks beautiful. If you want a beautiful lawn year after year, it is important to keep up with routine maintenance. A homeowner might make the mistake of stopping grub control, trusting that because a year goes by without a grub problem, it is no longer necessary. However, due to the lifecycle of many insects, eggs may not hatch for a period of time. This means that even though you lawn looks great one year, it does not mean that eggs will not be hatching into grubs, and ruining your beautiful lawn, next year. To ensure that your lawn remains beautiful and free of damage, consistent grub control and prevention is paramount.