4 Landscaping Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Dining Destination in Pleasant Valley, NY

There is nothing like dining outdoors, in your own yard, on a perfect summer day in Pleasant Valley, NY. A custom-made dining area is a great way to get outside and really enjoy your landscape. With the help of your Lehigh Lawns & Landscaping, Inc. professional, and the following four tips, you can create the outdoor dining area of your dreams.

An Outdoor Dining Room With a View

There is nothing better than eating a delicious meal with good company and an incredible view. Whether it’s a lush softscape, a body of water, or a sprawling sky, a great view should be enjoyed. If particular locations within your landscape host an impressive view, why not make sure it’s enjoyed? Your landscape professional can design your outdoor dining space with a view in mind. Whether it’s an all-encompassing view of the whole landscape, a swimming pool, an ancient oak, or a lily pad-dappled frog pond, the right placement of your dining area will make sure that it is enjoyed. With that said, sometimes what we don’t see is just as important as what we do see. For example, if your yard is a little too close to your neighbor’s yard, a natural stone or brick wall might provide the necessary privacy for a comfortable and more intimate dining space.

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Location, Location, Location

4 Landscaping Tips for Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Dining Destination in Pleasant Valley, NY

Typically, outdoor dining areas are located conveniently near the home and kitchen. However, an emerging trend indicates dining areas migrating further and further away from the home. The newly popular, all-inclusive, dining area is set away from the home for a more immersive outdoor experience. An outdoor dining area need not be a simple extension of the home, but can be a true getaway. Placing the dining area away from the home can also be a really fun way to utilize and enjoy the entire property. Dinner becomes an event. Consider having your outdoor dining area surrounded by full and lush plantings for an oasis-like space. A dining area also works well placed next to a pool or patio. Having these multi-functional spaces nearby will allow family and friends additional space to enjoy and gather before or after meals.  

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For a courtyard-like feel, consider surrounding part of your outdoor dining area with a partial or full wall. Whether solid stacked stone, or brick with small openings for ventilation and light, a wall can help to separate the space from the rest of the yard. A wooden fence or trellis is a great way to not only create the sense of a separate space, but also to integrate plants and flowers into the area. A trellis becomes an airy and natural wall when paired with a climbing vine. A solid natural stone wall is a great way to create a more intimate-feeling outdoor dining space. This is also a great option for those who have limited space and wish to separate themselves from neighboring properties. Walls can be made using a variety of different weatherproof materials to complement the style of your dining area and the landscape as a whole.


Another great way to set your dining space apart and beautify the landscape is to have some kind of roof covering installed over your dining space. A roof covering is both functional and aesthetic. Not only does it separate the dining space from the rest of the yard, but can also protect you and your dining company from inclement weather. For those who are not looking for something permanent, a stylish canopy is a good option. For those who want more control: protection from the rain, but also the ability to soak up sun rays on those perfect summer days, a retractable awning is a better option. The classic pergola is a more permanent roofing structure that, depending on the style, allows for more or less protection from the elements. Whatever your needs or taste, your landscape professional will make sure that your outdoor dining area is a beautiful and functional feature of your landscape.